All-knowing Dr. Bawumia Must Respond to Fuel Price increase

As a vice-presidential candidate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia,made Ghanaians are that, he and the New Patriotic Party, have the solution to all our problems, regardless of the factors that are beyond our control.

The price of petrol in January 2017, was Ghc 16.50p, today it is Ghc22, and Dr. Bawumia is yet to respond to the astronomical and consistent increase.

If today was a year ago, Dr. Bawumia, will have hurriedly organized a lecture with a very sexy theme to tell Ghanaians, why he thinks the John Mahama led administration was incompetent.

The past has a funny way of catching up with us, it exposes your inadequacies in a way that, makes it impossible to sweet talk your way out.

Talk indeed is cheap. Ghanaians are now living in hard times, as the dollar keeps taking a commanding lead against the pathetic cedi. It is high time as a country; we find a lasting solution to the problem of the depreciating cedi.

Anytime prices of petroleum product go up, it has a cascading effect on the economy. There is a correlation between the prices of goods and services and the increment in petroleum prices.

Good managers of the economy know this and so will not sit down for the cedi to be depreciating at a fast rate.

Thank God the economic wizard, Dr. Bawumia is the vice-president. After taking the oath of office, he understands that, campaign time is over and that, he should get down to work. He must implement and bring to bear all the big proposals he made during his lectures.

His timely intervention is urgently needed, as he did with his lectures. He won the hearts and minds of Ghanaians with his incessant attacks on the previous administration. The love he had was because Ghanaians thought; he could actualize all that he was preaching. There is a thin line between love and hate, the love will soon evaporate, if it hasn’t already.

Soon commercial drivers are going to announce increment in fares, it could be curtailed, if something is done to bring the price of petroleum product down.

Dr. Bawumia, silence is not an option in these trying and difficult times.



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