Alhaji Boniface’s Shame Meets Shamlessness As He Chop Last


Coming events they say cast their shadow. Since the election and subsequent swearing in of the Member of Parliament for Madina, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, the joy of the constituents were short-lived, as the MP, has always preferred to put the wrong foot forward.

Friends and colleagues of mine, have called to ask me, what I have against the MP, since I am so relentless in asking him to live up to his promises.

I have written on the road from Akosombo Junction, through to Melcom to the Madina Market more than I can remember.

Last week I got angry unusually and decided to do a mental count of the potholes on this road that passes in front of the office of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina, Alhaji Boniface Abubakar.

Dear readers, I counted close to 400 accident-baiting, death-drawing potholes on a stretch covered merely in 10 minutes.

Dodge the first, dodge the second, the third embraces you. That is how bad they are.

The situation, has been aggravated by the attempt to have the road fixed, which was abandoned. The potholes at some points are not longer potholes, but valleys.

Because attempts were made to fix the road, boulders, have been left in the middle of the road. What is nauseating and annoying is hitherto, some parts of Madina, never experience flooding, today, with the least downpour, the whole area get flooded.

The old gutter that was destroyed to construct the new one, the old boulders, were either left in the middle of the road or pushed into the gutter, causing flooding, making life unbearable not only for motorists, but households.

Sometime last year, we did an editorial, where we described Alhaji Boniface Abubakar, as a “US Ambassador to Madina”, many people thought we were being mischievous, he was on Oman FM and NET2 to debunk that assertion, only for a research conducted by the Political Science Department of the University Ghana, to confirm our claim.

The MP, who in the run up to the 2016 elections, was more common than coins in the Constituency, suddenly became an alien, immediately after an overwhelming endorsement.

In 2016 the residents of Madina, made an egregious mistake by voting out Alhaji Amadu Sorogho, who himself was to be blamed, because he also lost touch with reality. Call it political myopia or anything, but it was a costly mistake that boomeranged.

Something significant that should not be wished away happened in the Constituency in 2016,  for the first time since 1992, the New Patriotic Party won both the presidential and parliamentary polls.

Credit must be given to the astute politician, who somehow succeeded in giving the people hope, a promise of a better tomorrow, an assurance that, their problems, will become a thing of the past.

Alhaji Boniface, was not an armchair politicians, he made his presence and voice heard, in all matters whether big or small in the Constituency.

Every wedding, outdooring, church service, mosque, were attended either by the aspirant, or he sent delegation.

He visited every church in the Constituency, every mosque was equally visited and he made handsome donations.

Alhaji Boniface is a master class; he is your typical well polished and cunning politicians, a smooth talker and appears as a man of the people.

Boniface, has become a visiting MP to his own Constituency, his constituents don’t know what he is doing or intends to do as MP.

Madina, is one of the constituencies in Accra, where the MP, really has little to do. The people do not rely on their MP for their livelihood, all they want is the provision of basic amenities.

One road that, has been of concern to the constituents, and played a major role in the last election, was started but had been abandoned for no inexplicable reasons.

Many, including our MPs, have argued that their work is to make laws, pass bills, etc and not development.

Admittedly, they do not build infrastructure, but they are agents of development. They lobby for projects, but most importantly, they provide a listening ear to the people.

Interestingly, the survey conducted by the Political Science Department of the UG, considered many factors, including the availability and accessibility of the MP.

Boniface, who has an office in the Constituency, has failed woefully to meet the expectation of his constituents, he is seldom seen these days, after all, he has gotten what he wants.

Bonface’s political judgment and leadership are in serious doubt. He displays little political acumen on issues. What emerges then for him is a damning verdict of an absentee MP – physically and mentally.

The real verdict will come up in 2020, the ground does not look well for him, the conversation in the Constituency, is one of disappointment, disillusion, regret, and hopelessness.

There is a thin line between love and hate, the love that resonated in 2016, which led to shift in voting pattern, will be discussed for many years to come.

The NPP, will have a story to tell, a story that will begin and end with 2016. The National Democratic Congress (NDC), has another opportunity with destiny in 2020, whoever they choose to represent the party, will play a key role in determining whether the NPP can still hold onto the Seat.

Madina, deserves better, so far it doesn’t look like the Constituency, has been served well.




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