Alcohol Beverage Adverts Must Be Scrutinized


Sometimes one wonders, whether promoters of local alcoholic beverages, employ the services of professional advertising agencies to plan, execute and manage their promotions, for example adverts on television and radio.

Do they also make time to watch adverts or jingles run by the mobile telecommunications companies in the country, the level of professionalism and the sheer brilliance display in those adverts, makes one want to watch the ads over and over again.

The adverts are self explanatory and revealing, it sometimes demands that one think a little harder to understand what they are trying to put across, they are what you call professionalism at its best. Even if they don’t deliver what they promise, they are able to convince you through the advert to relate to their products.

Why must every advert of a local alcoholic beverage, start and end with someone or a group of people dancing? It is so mundane that it does not communicate anything,
apart from a group of people, who are ready to dance, when something small touches their lips or goes down their throat.

A group of people meet at a pub, order for a drink, before one could say ‘Jack’, they will be on the dance floor shaking their booty, pathetic scenes sometimes. I wonder what lessons are there to derive from it, what the children are learning from these, all they are learning is perhaps how to be happy and dance around.

Interestingly, these adverts are full of sex connotations and it’s always predicable at the beginning or end of the advert.

What is the procedure for putting out these adverts on television, what role does the Advertisers Association of Ghana (AAG) play in that regard?

Is it the situation that everybody, who runs an advertising agency or has a product to advertise, can just organize anybody, shoot an advert, approach a television station and ask for a slot, or every advert must go through some scrutiny, before finally putting it out for the general public?

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