Alan Kyeremanteng Attacked By Akufo-Addo Supporters


TAKES POLITICAL BREAK To Strategise For 2016 Presidential Election

The unending intraparty rivalry between the thrice defeated presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo and Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten quickly shot up yesterday, moments after the Supreme Court declared John Mahama as the validly elected President of the 2012 Presidential elections.

Reports from Nana Addo’s residence are that journalists and Alan Kyeremanten considered Nana Addo’s bitterest political foe in the NPP, was attacked verbally. His bodyguards at a point had to prevent people from getting to him.

A Joy FM reporter, Elton John Brobby in a report mentioned that he was heckled by NPP supporters. He also mentioned on his radio stationed that he witnessed an attack on Alan Kyeremanten.

The Herald is meanwhile, told Alan is strategising with his mentor, ex-President John Kufour and many others like Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyapong to take over the NPP at its upcoming National Delegates Congress.

The intraparty bitter politically rivalry has seen some party supporters namely; Nana Kwame, Opoku on the side of Alan Kyeremanten beaten. Some of them were rendered crippled after they were physically attacked at the NPP National Headquarters. Sometimes the Nima Police command had to intervene to prevent deaths.

Meanwhile, a sober-looking Nana Akufo-Addo has indicated that he “disagree” with the Supreme Court’s verdict on the election petition case but “will not ask for a review” as he announced he was taking a leave from politics but did not specify how long he was going to be away from politics.

Shortly after this statement at Nana Addo’s Nima residence, his Press Secretary, Herbert Krapa also wrote on his social media Facebook platform that “My mentor, teacher, icon, master, hero, boss, friend and dad, well done. The Ghanaian people saw, and we know the truth”.

NPP insiders have meanwhile hinted The Herald that Nana Addo has already started strategising to contest next year’s flagbearer slot to stage another comeback in 2016 Presidential Election, when he would be 72 years of age.

Party supporters who had sang, fasted, prayed and absented themselves from sex to remain holy, were heard at the background crying bitterly over the loss.

Flanked by party members, family and friends, Nana Addo the 2012 Presidential candidate of the NPP and first petitioner, told journalists at the Supreme Court minutes after the verdict was pronounced that “I disagree with the court’s decision but I accept it and I ask all our supporters to accept the verdict”,.

He said: “I accept the decision but I’m saddened and disappointed by the verdict and I know many of our supporters are saddened too”.

Nana Addo who had gone to the court in a convoy of luxurious cars made of NPP bigwigs and his team of lawyers publicly announced, “We shall not ask for a review so we can all move on”.

Nana Akufo-Addo said: “Ghana’s election will never be the same again after this petition”.

He added that: “We have set precedence for generations to follow”.

He urged the two parties to put their differences aside and come together to build Ghana, adding that he had called President John Mahama to congratulate him.

“This is the time for all of us to come together and work together to find solutions”.

“To my party, I say we have a lot to be proud of. Let us wish our president well and thank the almighty…the battle continues to be the Lord’s”, Nana Akufo-Addo noted.

The former Attorney General said: “I will take some time out and reflect” before announcing a decision concerning his future in Ghana’s politics.

Below is Nana Akufo-Addo’s full concession statement


I have called President John Dramani Mahama and I have now congratulated him on being elected the fourth president of the Fourth Republic of our country.

The Supreme Court of our nation has spoken and the result of the December 2012 presidential election has been confirmed as having been won by the candidate of the NDC, President Mahama.

As I said earlier, whilst I disagree with the Court’s decision, I accept it. I accept that what the Court says brings finality to the election dispute. We shall not be asking for a review of the verdict so we can all move on in the interest of our nation. Everything in my bones, in my upbringing and in what I have done with my life thus far makes it imperative that I accept a decision made by the highest court of the land, however much I dislike or disagree with it.

I am saddened by the verdict and I know that many of our supporters are saddened too. However, for the sake and love of our country, we must embark on a path that builds, rather than destroys, to deal with our disappointment.

I appeal to all members and supporters of our party, the NPP in particular to accept the verdict of the court. Even in our disappointment we can take pride in the way we have conducted ourselves. Even in our disappointment we can take pride that the NPP has again led the way in deepening Ghana’s democracy. To quote one of the Supreme court judges, “After this case, elections in Ghana will not be the same.” In other words, we might not have been given the ruling we sought, but thanks to our efforts, we can hopefully look forward to an improved electoral process in our country.

I am grateful to my co-petitioners, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey and Dr. Mahamudu-Bawumia for their hard work, dedication and their commitment as we pursued the legal options available to us.

My gratitude goes also to the Lawyers and the technical team for their unbelievable hard work and sacrifices. I am grateful to all the volunteers who spent days and nights working on pink sheets, entering data, photocopying documents, and labeling exhibits for the Petition. I am grateful to all the well-wishers for their prayers.

I must also thank my party the NPP, the officials, the foot-soldiers and supporters for their unflinching support and belief in me. The National Council of the party, having taken the decision to go to court, has been unwavering in its support.

I also want to thank my daughters and my wife, Rebecca, for their love and extraordinary support. There have been friends who have made unbelievable sacrifices of time, energy, ideas, money and a listening ear. I am grateful to all of them.

I am sure there are many people wondering what I envisage for my political future. I intend to take some time out of the hurly burly of politics, get some rest, reflect and then announce whatever decision I come to in the not too distant future.

In Ghana’s 56 year history, this is the first time a presidential election petition of this kind has been filed and pursued through the courts. The whole world has watched us in wonder and admiration. Our reaction to this judgment will be watched keenly in Africa and beyond and will set a precedent for generations to follow.

It is now up to all of us Ghanaians to put the dispute behind us and come together to iron out our differences, ease the tensions among us, and come together to build our country.

There are myriads of problems facing us as a people. This is the time for us all to come together and work to find solutions to the challenges that confront our people.

To my party, the NPP, I say we have a lot to be proud of; there are more than three years left in this political cycle to be a worthy opposition, and also position ourselves for the battle of 2016.

Today, let us wish our President well and thank the Almighty for His mercies to our nation. The battle continues to be that of the Lord’s.
God bless Ghana.

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