Alan Cash Crying Now, He Perhaps Taught Nana Addo How To Buy Votes


In the run up to the 2007 Presidential primary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), held at the University of Ghana (UG), Legon, out of the 17 aspirants who contested to lead the party into the 2008 Presidential election, one name stood out when it comes to how money was used to prosecute his campaign.

This gentleman earned for himself an enviable nickname, Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, came to be known as Alan Cash, this was because he made nonsense of money. Money was what he used to woo delegates to the chagrin of the other contestants.

They were even reports back then that whenever any of the 17 aspirants were addressing delegates anywhere and Alan arrives in the town, the delegates will all leave to go and meet Alan, because he had the money to splash, as well as the trappings of power.

He did not for a moment distanced himself from the accolades that came his way. The 2007 presidential primary of the NPP, will go down in the history of this country as the campaign that introduced monecracy in our body politics. Alan rode on the crest of a money man, with the money back to spend.

Alan warmly embraced the name Alan Cash, in fact he addresses himself as such, when he is called Alan cash, he responds to the cheers.
It was during the presidential primary of 2007 that jokes were made of children being asked what they will want to be when they grow up, and their answers was, they will want to be delegates, because the easier and fastest way to be rich at that time was to be a delegate of the New
Patriotic Party.

I remember vividly, Hackman Owusu Agyeman one of the 17 aspirants, complain of how he was treated in the Upper West Region, when he was meeting Delegates, according to him, the rules of the game were that all of them will get their chance to address Delegates, at least on a first come first serve basis, but when Alan Cash arrived, the Delegates abandoned Hackman, to go and meet Alan.

There was another story of a meeting former President Kufuor held with the 17 aspirants as the Osu Castle to discuss issues relating to the campaign and the rumours that he had thrown his weight behind Alan cash, the meeting was characterized by anger and accusations from the other aspirants, especially mention was made of Kwabena Agyapong and Dan Botwe, former General Secretary and the current General Secretary.

Alan Kwawdo Kyeremanten, was given preferential treatment, because it was alleged and rightly so that he had the support and blessing of former President, John Agyekum Kufuor, he was the only person who had access to the Ghana Airforce planes, all the rest had to travel by road.

They all complained, but their complaints were treated with a pinch of salt. Alan was enjoying all that came with getting the support and
blessing of a sitting President. Alan went to the extent of organizing competitions, including bicycle racing etc.

To be crying now after all the money is no more, sounds like a child who had lost his or her toy.

How fair the 2007 contest was, only Alan can tell.

Now Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanten, is being served his own dose of medicine and he is crying foul. Nana Addo is using money to buy over your supporters, how ironic, also use money as you did in 2007.

How can these two be reconciled?
I guess the money has finished or your bankrollers are no more interested in your candidature, because it is obvious to them that you will lose the October 18, National Delegates election.

I am not a supporter of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the twice-defeated candidate of the party, but if I am a delegate of the NPP, I will any day, in any contest that Alan and Nana Addo contest, choose Alan ahead of the old man, but Alan deserve what he is getting, he had it coming, he thought Nana Addo, that is indeed if he is buying his supporters over.

Not that I support money being an inducement in deciding who leads us, either as Head of State or Member of Parliament (MP), but Alan should know that what goes around, certainly comes around.

Nana Addo was only a good student, who learnt very well, and he is now replicating what Alan did to him and the 15 others in 2007.
The last person in this country, who should be talking about politicians using money to influence voters or delegates, is Alan Kwawdo Kyeremanten.

Alan Cash became a household name for so many reasons; the one that readily comes to mind to everybody is how he spend money in the run up to the 2007 primary, he did not earn that name because he was handsome or because he could attract floating voters as his few followers want
Ghanaians to believe. Posterity will ask him to answer for the rippling effect of his actions, now money is main driver of every election.

Since 2007, money has become the most important commodity in our body politics, delegates of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), have also started demanding their fair share of what their counterparts in the NPP received and continue to.

A situation that used to be alien to our national politics, has now gained currency. This unfortunate happening could partly be blamed on Alan Cash.

If there was any lesson in what is happening to Alan Cash, it is that loyalty is better than patronage. Alan cash did not cultivate loyal and trusted supporters; he only used money to buy his way into their minds not their hearts.

The gratification to him (Alan Cash) and the payments from them (Delegates) was only as long as he had the money to spend, once that was no more, he lost his relevance.

Obviously, Alan cash is willing to cut his nose to spite his face. And if you think this is a case of multiple personality syndrome, you may have a point.

I honestly think he should give us a break.

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