Alabi Man Endorses GoosieTanoh

By Patrick Biddah

A known team member of the Joshua Alabi presidential bid,Mr Nii Amasa Namaole has urged delegates to vote for Mr GoosieTanoh, another flag bearer hopeful to become a President.

Mr Namaole, who spelt out the role Mr GoosieTanoh played to deepen participatory democracy at the grassroots level of the NDC, encouraged delegates to reward individuals of that caliber by voting for them to lead the party into the 2020 presidential elections

Namaole who was the former Member of Parliament for the Dadekotopon Constituency was speaking to delegates in the Constituency last Friday when Mr Tanoh, begun his Greater Accra campaign tour from La Dadekotopon

Mr Namaole told delegates he was in the trenches with MrTanoh in the revolutionary days and during the return to multi party democracy and can therefore attest to his abilities.

According to him, it was MrTanoh who mooted the idea of allowing the branches to take part in deciding who leads the party and that candidates were just imposed on the party as of the time.

He therefore urged delegates to be opened minded by taking time to listen and assess the messages of the various aspirants in order to make an informed decision to choose who becomes a flag bearer.

When he took his turn to address the delegates, Mr GoosieTanoh, explained the circumstances that led to the forming of the National Reform Party in 1996.

Describing it as the NDC rather sending him away, Mr Goosie said he was forced to form the new party because the NDC was beginning to loose focus of its social democratic tenets of probity, accountability, integrity and social  justice .

According to him, the electoral fortunes of the NDC in the urban areas such as Tema, Tarkwa, Kumasi and Takoradi among others started dwindling after the 1992 elections where the NDC garnered 58% of the vote because of the gradual deviation.

MrTanoh, who spoke on a wide range of issues to the delegates, also pointed to the neglects of the grassroots of the party, saying they are only remembered when elections are approaching.

He said among other things that the deviation of the core values of the NDC after its formation in 1992 was identified to be the cause of the reduction of the NDC votes after the 1996 election.

Failure of elements of the NDC to hold on to ideals of the Revolution and their  engagement in the property owning tenants of opponents of the NDC,he further explained forced him to opt out in order to form a party that will afford him the opportunity to instill the values into the members.

He admonished the delegates not to be swayed by monetary influence and that such development makes it difficult to demand accountability from the people whose monies they collected.





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