AL-HAYAAT FOUNDATION Creates Awareness On Cervical Cancer


From Samuel Mensah Torbizo, Kumasi

As a result of the adverse impact of cervical cancer on Ghanaian women, a non-governmental organization , Al-Hayaat Life Foundation, has made its core mandate to embark on an outreach programmes to create awareness on the disease.

The awareness creation outreach programme, would go a long way to help the under privileged women with their health needs, especially that has to do with the cervical cancer .

The Al-Hayaat Life Foundation, considering the serious health implications, cervical cancer posed to women in Ghana ,would among other things create community based cancer awareness to increase advocacy and encourage periodical screening to detect early abnormalities.

The NGO is also to create cancer awareness in the second cycle and tertiary institutions, as a way to reduce the prevalence of cervical cancer.

Again the foundation, would design means to educate women on ways to improve maternal and child health to minimize maternal and infant mortality.

The president of the Al-Hayaat Life Foundation, Hajia Hanatu Abubakar, who disclosed these at a public awareness creation on the prevalence rate of cervical cancer in Kumasi , said education concerning girl-child education and acquisition of employable skills by women would be areas of major concerns to her NGO.

She revealed that Al-Hayaat Life Foundation, within few months of its formation, had chalked a lot of successes, key among themare the initiative to extent awareness campaign on cervical cancer in some second cycle schools, such as ,Aburi Girls’, Labone Senior High and St. Mary’s Senior High, as well as, Arch Bishop Porter Girls’.

Hajia Abubakar, was of the view that to reduce the rate of the disease young girls, should be made ambassadors to campaign against it.

“ Though the cervical cancer is not prevalence among the young girls, I believe that it is important to teach them at these tender ages to help to have a lasting positive impact throughout their adult life. At least they would be imbibed to go for screening once or twice in their life time which is one of the surest means to reduce their chances of being infected,” she stressed.

She explained that cervical cancer, which is caused by the human papilloma virus is the most second common cancer among women.

According to her, about 500,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and out of the number 275,000 women, die of the disease accounting for ninety percent of female cancer cases recorded.

She called on other NGOs , parliamentarians , civil societies to help in fighting against the disease ,noting that women are seen as vital contributors to the development of the nation hence any move to under estimate their health needs would be set back to the country’s quest to achieve accelerated growth.

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