Akyem Abuakwa Republic Created?


…Youth Want All E/R NDC Executives ‘Banned’

The youth of Akyem Abuakwa Traditional area in the Eastern Region, have surprisingly called on their Traditional Council to ban the entire National Democratic Congress (NDC) party executives in the region, from entering the Ofori Panin Fie for a perceived disrespect for the Okyehene and Okyeman.

According to the youth, the decision by the Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II, to ban just the NDC Regional Chairman and the Youth Organizer, Tawiah Boateng and Haruna Apaw Wiredu, for insulting the Okyehene, has not deterred other executives of the party from disrespecting him.

But the Eastern Regional branch of the NDC, has accused the Akyem Abuakwahene of discrimination, following the ban; the third in a row.

The NDC Eastern Regional Executive Committee, expressed surprise at the decision by the Akyem Abuakwahene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II, and his traditional council to ban two of their Regional Officers from stepping foot in the Ofori Panyin fie (palace) saying, “we find the decision as unfortunate and vague since no instance of such “gross disrespect” leading to this decision was given”.

The governing party added that, “it is worth mentioning that once the Akyem Abuakwahene or any other person makes any statement or expresses his opinion that obviously has political undertones, we in the NDC as a political party have our God given right to respond appropriately in a respectful manner and that is exactly what we have always sought to do”.

However, the youth of Akyem Abuakwa Traditional speaking to Citi News, through their spokesperson, Kofi Gyimah Amoako, described the continuous attacks by the NDC on the Okyehene as distasteful, thus their request to have the entire eastern regional executives banned.

He also alleged that, the ban of the two NDC executives, was actually met with further insults from other executives of the party.

Kofi Gyimah Amoako said, “We don’t take it lightly. We do not appreciate the fact that you will insult our King and then come and sit with him as if nothing has happened… We are very angry at this and we are pleading with the traditional authorities to ban the entire the NDC executives in the Eastern Region from coming to the Palace.”

Kevor Mark-Oliver, the Eastern Regional Secretary of the NDC had in a statement said that This matter has become worth discussing because it is becoming too popular of the Akyem Abuakwahene, adding “this is the third (3rd) time the Akyem Abuakwahene has refused NDC party Officers into his palace”.

He mentioned that “the first instance was during the era of Ambassador Victor E. Smith as Eastern Regional Minister when the Akyem Abuakwahene verbally told the former not to come to the Ofori Panyin palace with NDC party officers”.

“As if that was not enough, the Abuakwahene again verbally cautioned Hon. Helen Adwoa Ntoso as the Eastern Regional Minister not to step foot in his palace in the company of NDC party officials”, the statement said.

“The latest of this discriminatory act is the letter the Akyem Abuakwahene and his traditional council wrote to the current Regional Minister, Hon. Mavis Ama Frimpong which was leaked to the Daily Guide cautioning her not to come to the Ofori Panyin palace in the company of Messrs Bismark Tawiah Boateng and Haruna Apaw Wiredu, the Regional Chairman and Regional Youth Organizer of our party respectively”.

“This we find very discriminatory since other political parties have unrestricted access to the Akyem Abuakwahene and his palace”, the statement said.

They insisted that “we find such a conduct “unfatherly” on the part of the Akyem Abuakwahene considering the fact that, he is the President of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs”.

According to them, “this act of his is sending a very wrong signal to the other ten (10) paramountcies in the region that they could also discriminate as to which political party they should welcome and engage”.
To them, “this development is obviously not healthy for our democracy and coexistence”.

They added that “the NDC as a political party in the Eastern Region respects the chieftancy institution in the region and has a very cordial relationship with all the paramountcies, a situation which has led to spurring monumental developments in the region of which Osagyefo is a witness to”.

The statement said, “we are by this release, calling on the Akyem Abuakwahene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin II to rescind this decision of his and treat all subjects and political parties equally, adding “the National Democratic Congress will continue to constructively engage all shades of opinion in the region on matters of national development”.

Following the ban on the Eastern Region executives of the NDC by the Okyeman Traditional Council, the Eastern Regional Minister postponed a working visit to the Okyehene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori.

The decision by the minister, Mavis Ama Frempong, she explained was to allow her consult the NDC executives on the matter in a bid to bring peace between the Council and the NDC executives.

A statement signed by the council’s spokesperson, D.M Ofori Atta, said, Bismark Tawiah Boateng and Apaw-Wiredu Haruna, have been banned from the chief’s palace indefinitely.

The Council had written to the Eastern Region Minister, who was expected to pay a courtesy call on the Okyehene at his palace last Friday, not to include Bismarck Tawiah Boateng, and Apau Haruna Owiredu, in her entourage.

Mr. Tawiah Boateng and Apau Haruna Owiredu, reportedly casted aspersions and insinuations on the paramount chief, after he led a group of chiefs on a tour of roads in the region, most of which were in a deplorable state.

The two are alleged to have made unsavory comments on the revered chief for going on that road tour, which they believed was aimed at painting the government in a negative light.

According the council, this conduct and many others by Mr. Tawiah Boateng especially, led the council to arrive at the decision against the regional chairman and youth organizer. The regional minister subsequently informed the council about her decision to postpone her visit.

Meanwhile, Tawiah Boateng, has lauded the decision by the regional minister to suspend her visit.
According to him the decision was timely, and has saved her from embarrassment by the Okyeman Council.

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