Akwamu Palace Reacts To Publications




For Immediate Release, Accra – All Press Houses
14th November 2017

For the records An Akwamu Hene can only be nominated by the Queen Mother and the Aduana Abrade family of Akwamu,to be screen by the Gyasi division.

Before presented to the state (Oman) represented by
The divisional Chiefs who are Bakai, kyedom,kronti,Benkum,Nifa,and Adonteng all the above office holders have sworn their oath of allegiance and he ODENEHU has sworn to the Oman all the Divisions still serve Odenehu Kwafo Akoto, in peace and unity.
The Palace of Akwamu has been made aware of recent media publications relating to the forthcoming Akwamu Nhyiamukese Homecoming 2017, and false claims by certain individuals that the event is unlawful. The publication also appears to call into question, the legitimacy of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III as the rightful occupier of the Akwamu stool.

The Palace wishes to categorically condemn the completely unsupported, malicious and false statements based on what can only be described as an attempt to create mischief, cause confusion and undermine our resolve at uniting Akwamu in development.

The Palace therefore calls for a full retraction and apology from ANY media that has proceeded without proper investigation, to publish these malicious statements.

The purported authors of these false publications are among the persons who challenged the title of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III to the Akwamu Paramount Stool in court. After five years of court proceedings, they lost the case in a unanimous decision of the Eastern Regional Judicial Committee (Regional House of Chiefs). The court delivered its final judgment in Koforidua on 10th May, 2017, in the case Abusuapanyin Kojo Kyer Addaquay & Anor v. Nana Afrakoma II & 3 Ors with suit no. CT/ERHC/JC/AP1/2011. Akwamu, per the court’s judgment, therefore presently has a legitimate and lawful paramount chief in the person of Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III.

We therefore draw the attention of ALL media entities and the Press to the appended copy of the judgment of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs cited above which cites Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III as the rightfully installed Paramount Chief of Akwamu.

All media entities and the Press are hereby advised to first verify the credibility of not only the source of, but also of any information relating to this matter, in accordance with the provisions under Article 12 of the 1992 Constitution as well as the tenets of the Ghana Journalists Association Code of Ethics, before proceeding to publish what may amount to defamatory reports.

Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III has always enjoyed a healthy mutual respect with the media and has agreed for this statement to be issued in the hopes that those elements of the press who have undertaken to promote these reports can take a moment to pause and reflect before any further damage is done.

It is undisputed in law that in the absence of an injunctive order, nothing bars Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, as the legitimate Paramount Chief of Akwamu, from performing his traditional duties while awaiting gazette entry as a result of an appeal filed by the parties that lost the case in the court of first instance.

Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, ever since his installation, has carried himself out nobly; has carried out massive infrastructural development in Akwamu, and continues to do so.
He deserves the support of all well-meaning and right thinking persons. We are therefore solidly behind him as we see him as a visionary leader who is capable of leading the peace and developmental agenda of the Akwamu State.

Our first homecoming event, organized under the same Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III from 2nd through 11th November, 2012, passed peacefully and has remained, to date, the epitome of the rich display and education of the customs, traditions and history of Akwamu. The event was very successful and gave a huge impetus for forging unity among the natives of Akwamu who attended from all over the world. It gave a vital ingredient for the development of Akwamu, its people, and Ghana as a whole. We therefore invite the general public and all well-wishers to ignore detractors such as the authors of these false allegations, obviously calculated to derail Akwamu’s progress.

We again call on the media to refrain from uttering, publishing or broadcasting statements that may create an atmosphere of confusion within Akwamu and compel us to take action necessary to seek redress.

On behalf of Akwamu King Makers the family and The Queen Mother.


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