Akufo-Addo’s South African Rebels’ Trainers Deported


…Interior Ministry & Immigration Service Release Detailed Dossier On Them

The entry visas of the three South African ex-Police officers, have been revoked by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), and they have since been deported to their home country onboard a South African Airways flight number 210, which departed Accra to Johannesburg yesterday, for lying about their activities in Ghana.

Officials from the GIS, and security detail from the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), escorted the three to the aircraft. They were not handcuffed, and had no security escort from Ghana to their home country.

The three retired police officers, were arrested in the Central Region, for training activists of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in armed combat and military drills, ahead of the November 7, Presidential and Parliamentary Elections with serious national security implications.

The three, Major Ahmed Shaik Hazis (rtd), Warrant Officer Denver Dwayhe and Captain Mlungiseli Jokani, were arrested at the EL-Capitano Hotel, where they were based, since arriving in Ghana, training 15 young men in various security drills, including unarmed combat, weapon handling, VIP protection techniques, and rapid response exercises.

Meanwhile, the Director of the GIS, Felix Yaw Sarpong, has in a statement explained the circumstances under which the three South African nationals, namely, Major (Rtd) Ahmed Shaik HAZIS alias Chris aged 55yrs, W. O (Rtd) Denver Dwayne NAIDU aged 39yrs and Cpt. (Rtd) Mlungiseleli JOKANI aged 45yrs variously arrived in the country on March 4 and 15, respectively, and why they have been deported.

The statement said “the suspects were reportedly arrested by the BNI for engaging in acts suspected to be inimical to national security. The GIS on 23/03/16 requested for their release to the Service for the determination of their immigration status in the country. The suspects indicated in their written statements that they were invited by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to train its security personnel. The GIS proceeded to review their Visa Application process to confirm the veracity of their claims and reconcile their current status and activities. In the process to ascertain these facts the forms they submitted to our Mission in Pretoria, South Africa and the disembarkation cards filled by them upon their arrival at KIA were vetted”.

The GIS in their “findings” disclosed that “the three (3) SA nationals were issued B1 (Business) visas which prohibits any form of employment. Their individual hosts had indicated in their respective invitation letters that subjects were to “travel to Accra for a series of business meetings” with them”.

MlungiselelI Jokani and Denver Dwayne Naidu who are both employees of GLAEXEC PROTECTION SERVICES LTD in South Africa were invited by Dr Daniel Mckorley of McDan Shipping Company Ltd by a letter dated 2/03/16. Hazis Ahmed Shaik an employee of iMvula Quality Protection (Africa) (Pty) Ltd on the other hand was invited by Nana Attobrah Quaicoe of the Danquah Institute by a letter dated 22/12/15.

Hazis Shaik, was first to arrive in Ghana. He came on board a South Africa Airlines plane, [Flt no. SA 52] at around 9:40pm on the 5/03/16 on a Republic of South Africa passport number M00052092. He indicated on his disembarkation Card that Movenpick Hotel –Accra was his contact Address in Ghana.

The two other individuals invited by McDan Shipping Ltd arrived in Ghana around 10:15pm on 14/03/16 on South African Airlines, [Flt No. SA 209] and were both travelling on Republic of South Africa passport numbers M00096231 and A05213410 respectively. They both indicated on their disembarkation cards that Alisa Hotel-Accra was their contact Address in Ghana.

In their own hand written statements, taken under caution at the BNI and in the presence of their Lawyer, the three (3) individuals indicated that they were engaged by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to come to the country and conduct training for fifteen (15) bodyguards from the party in VIP security drills. Hazis who was identified by the other two as their leader, indicated in his statement that he was “engaged to provide VIP protection training to the protection security officers of the Leader of the Opposition party in Ghana, the NPP. This was my reason for being in Ghana”. This statement does not conform with the purpose of their invitation [“travel to Accra for a series of business meetings”] which they indicated on their application for visa to the Ghana Mission in Pretoria, South Africa.
Based on the aforementioned findings the GIS draws the following conclusions;

1. The two organizations which extended the invitation to the three South Africans are not known to be registered security companies.

2. The series of meetings indicated in the invitation letters, on the strength of which the visas were issued, were to be held in Accra with the two organizations.

3. On the face of the documentation examined, it was clear that the three individuals were not sure of who actually invited them. The NPP as a legal entity did not invite the three South Africans to Ghana and there is no documentation to contradict this fact. The evidence available points to McDan Shipping Ltd and the Danquah Institute as the invitees. As earlier indicated these institutions are not security organisations.

4. They were training 15 Ghanaians out of Accra in security drills, which contradict the express purpose for their coming to Ghana, which was to attend meetings.

Additionally, it is the view of the GIS that the training exercise conducted by the three at the El Capitano Hotel in the Central Region to a group that did not invite them, is clearly a confirmation of the attempt to conceal the motive for their visit and was therefore a breach of Section 52(1) (e) and (i) of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573). Their act is also a breach of the conditions precedent for the issuance of visas as contained in the instructions on Form B (Reg.3 (4) of the Immigration Regulation 2001 (LI 1691).

In view of the foregoing, the Director of Immigration acting in accordance with Section 20 of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573) has revoked the visas issued to the three South Africans. The Director has further ordered their repatriation to South Africa in line with Section 21 of the Immigration Act 2000 (Act 573).

The Ministry of Interior has also issued a detailed statement on the three South-African Nationals.

The statement signed by Prosper D.K. Bani Minister of Interior revealed that the two of the suspects, Jokani and Naidu arrived in the country on 14/03/16 on South-African passport numbers A05213410 and M00096231 respectively. Hazis arrived on 05/03/16 with Passport Number M00052092. Hazis has visited Ghana several times between 2012 and 2016. They came into the country on B1 visas (temporary visas) for business.

The three (3) trainers revealed that they are retired police officers of the South-African Police Force. Mr. HAZIS is employed by iMvula Quality
Protection as Director of Operations. Naidu and Jokani are employed by GLAEXEC Protection Services (GPS) (PTY Limited) of South-Africa as Directors.

A comprehensive report on the operations of Superlock Technologies Limited (STL) and an assessment of some key staff’s vulnerability for possible compromise was retrieved from Hazis’s room. STL is the company contracted by the Electoral Commission to transmit tallied election results.

Hazis denied authoring the document but indicated that it was given to him by Dani Isaaca, an Israeli based in South- Africa. Hazis claimed he had not read the document which had been in his possession for about three (3) weeks. During interrogation it was evident that he was conversant with the content of the document.

The suspects denied that they were invited by Captain Kwesi Acquah, owner of Delta Force Security. However, all items for the training were shipped in the name of Delta Force Security and his hotel, El Capitano was used for the training. Captain Acquah was released from the Ghana Army in 1980.

HAZIS, the leader of the team, revealed that Captain Edmund Kojo Koda, Head of Nana Akufo-Addo’s Personal Security, who was in the Ghana Army at the same time as Captain Acquah, contracted him to train the Flagbearer’s Security detail and he in turn engaged the other two (2). He also disclosed that he was in the country in 2012 and worked closely with Captain KODA during the 2012 elections. As a young officer, Captain Koda had been involved in the AFRC regime.

Following accusations of corruption he was convicted together with a colleague and incarcerated in the Ussher Fort Prison. They subsequently escaped during a jail break and went into exile outside Ghana.

Captain Koda’s current arrest comes on the heels of a previous security alert in 2014, after his name popped up in a National Security investigation of the activities of some Serbian nationals who were brought into the country to train selected people drawn from across the country in the art of civil insurrection. A training dubbed “Assaulting the pillars of power”.

During interrogation, Captain ACQUAH denied the claim that he invited the South Africans but indicated that Captain KODA requested to use his facility (EL CAPITANO Hotel) for the training of his personnel. He also indicated that it was purely a business arrangement with Captain KODA and nothing else. CAPTAIN KODA on his part confirmed that he invited the suspects to train his personnel. Captain KODA conceded that with hindsight he should have sought permission from the authorities before engaging in that exercise.

A review of the visa applications submitted by the three (3) South Africans revealed that two (2) of the suspects (JOKANI and NAIDU) were invited by Dr. Daniel MCKORLEY, Chairman, McDan Group of Companies while HAZIS was invited by Nana Attobrah QUAICOE, Director of Danquah Institute (DI). Efforts to reach the two gentlemen for questioning have so far not been successful.

Both Captains KODA and ACQUAH have been granted police inquiry bail pending further investigation.

On 23/03/16, the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) started an investigation into the immigration status of the three (3) accused persons and requested the BNI to hand them over for further action. They were therefore released on 24/03/16 to the GIS as requested. Meanwhile, in line with regular practice the GIS requested that the BNI provide custody of the suspects.

During the course of investigation, the following places were searched: Captain KODA’s residence, Captain ACQUAH’s residence and Hotel El Capitano.

The security agencies of Ghana can assure the citizenry, political stakeholders and all who deem themselves to be high value targets to be assured of the commitment of the security agencies and government to provide the required and utmost security as has been exhibited since the commencement of our current democratic dispensation.

Should the need arise for any stakeholder to opt for private security as we have witnessed under this index case, we strongly advise that the mandatory legal processes are followed and exhausted. The peace, security and stability of our dear nation and its people shall always remain paramount to government.

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