Akufo-Addo’s Bodyguards Unhappy With Security Aide



There are complaints of harsh treatments being meted out to President Akufo-Addo’s security guards by one of his top Security Aide at the Presidency, with fears that this could somewhat put the President’s own safety in danger The Herald’s sources at the Jubilee House and Nima Police station, have revealed.


Edmund Kojo Koda

Edmund Kojo Koda, a retired army officer, according to multiple sources, is giving security guards of the President a hell of time for what some say, is linked to personal scores he has with some people in the past. But what is shocking is that, these orders are said to be on the instructions of the President; a claim they are skeptical about.

It is alleged that, he could call both the National Security Secretariat and Police Headquarters, asking for an officer at the Presidency to be transferred, because the president, has decreed that to be done immediately.

He is said to be the reason why the Greater Accra Regional Police Director of Operations, ASP Kwesi Ofori, left the Jubilee House, where he was initially stationed as part of the Presidential Security. Insiders say there was a near scuffle between the over 70-year old Captain Koda and the police officer.

Sources within the Presidency, say the crime of one of the security guards who is often at the mercy of the former military man if any, is nothing but some unresolved personal issues he had with his father in the 1970s.

The Herald is informed that Captain Koda, who is a close associate of the President, has become so powerful that, he is able to useold personal scores to maltreat, bully, reassign and in some cases, relieve some of these security guards of duties.

According to insiders, Captain Koda’s powers do not end with the security guards, but he is able to order the President sometimes not to eat food served by his wife, Rebecca and the President obeys his instruction.

His actions to a large extent, have demoralized the security guards making it very difficult for them to discharge their duties without watching their back.

They say it is high time he was held in check by a higher authority to bring back the lost morale of the men around the President and also avoid the unthinkable.

Interestingly, some of these are young men, have dedicatedly worked and guarded the now President as far back as 2008, when he was the flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The Nima Police station, which is adjacent the President’s private home, is often used to detain and emotionally terrorize these security guards on the instructions of Captain Koda. Some of them could be locked up for days, until Captain Koda, decides when to release them.

According to this paper’s sources, depending on the mood of the retired military officer, these guards, including dispatch riders are transferred to remotest areas of the country.

This paper is informed some are sent home, because of his mood swing and not that they committed any crime or did anything wrong.

Captain Koda’s powers and mood swings, as far as security is concerned knows no limit. It has gone as far as throwing out some of these guards and their families out of their official bungalows after collecting their identification cards, claiming it is the decision of the President.

As if that is not enough, he sometimes sends heavily armed policemen to the homes of the President’s bodyguards, ostensibly to harass them and their families for no apparent reason.

Other claims are that, monies which are allocated to the men around the President, are sometimes denied or if they are given at all, it is slashed, but these men have no authority to question Captain Koda, who was also with President Akufo-Addo during his days in opposition.

While, sacking the President’s bodyguard from their official residence, Captain Koda for unexplained reasons, has given out his government bungalow allocated to him in Cantonment to a friend of his, while he shuttles between two private homes in Adenta and Weija near Kasoa.

Captain Koda’s actions and poor human relations, is said to be courting many enemies for the government and the President, according to insiders,and something must be urgently, as it does not augur well for his boss’ image and security.

Security analysts, have warned these issues must be handled properly, as these guards have acquired some skills or hold some vital information that if divulged, could jeopardize cohesion and security of the President.

Captain Koda, had issues with Jerry John Rawlings, when he escaped from lawful custody into exile.

“As a young officer, Captain Koda had been involved in the AFRC regime. Following accusations of corruption he was convicted together with a colleague and incarcerated in the Ussher Fort Prison. They subsequently escaped during a jail break and went into exile outside Ghana”, an official government a statement signed by former Interior Minister in the John Mahama government, Prosper Bani, had once said.


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