Akufo-Addo Will Build Dog Meat Factories In North-Karbo


The New Patriotic Party (NPP), has mentioned the establishment of dog meat factories in the three Northern regions, among Nana Akufo-Addo’s audacious one factory per each of the 216 districts across Ghana, should he win the November 7, 2016 elections.

The nicely packaged sumptuous dog meat, will be exported to China, Korea and other Asian countries, where the globally regarded pet, is eaten.

The initiative, according to a deputy communications director of the party, Anthony Abayifa Karbo, must see a dog policy passed by government to deliberately promote the rearing and killing of dogs into processed meat for export.

Both Nana Addo and Mr. Karbo, are from ethnic groups, which hold dog meat as a delicacy. However, Mr. Karbo, believes if the dog policy is adopted, the processed meat from these factories, could earn enormous foreign exchange for Ghana from the countries where it is highly cherished in homes and restaurants.

Mr. Karbo, insisted that if implemented, the dog factories, would help reduce the current rate of unemployment in the country.

The former NPP Youth Organizer, said this on Accra-based Okay FM ON Wednesday, while explaining how the NPP’s bold “one district one factory” policy could be implemented.

Since the announcement by Nana Akufo-Addo, as part of his tour of the Central Region last week, many have been gnashing their teeth, wondering how the brave project could be carried out.

Experts, including university lecturers, think tanks such asIMANI Ghana and many others, have questioned how this is going to be done in this part of the world. But the NPP, has defended with the likes of Anthony Karbo, telling people how doable the policy is, if Nana Addo becomes president.

The governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), has mocked the proposal with a Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Murtala Mohammed, saying very soon; the 72-year old Nana Addo and his running mate, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, will promise young men and women wives and husbands, just to have access to the Presidency.

“The next [time] we will hear from Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia, they will tell every young man and woman in Ghana that they will give you a wife and those who have a wife they will give you a second wife and those ladies who don’t have husbands, they will supply them with husbands. I don’t understand them”, he said on Neat FM morning show, “Ghana Montie”.

The deputy minister of Power, John Jinapor, has also told Nana Addo to re-strategize, if he thinks he can buy his way into the presidency with utopian promises.

But according to Karbo, who doubles as the party’s Parliamentary candidate for Lawra in the Upper West Region, though people like him ,who patronize and enjoy dog meat are not many in Ghana, it is also consumed in large quantities in Asian countries such as Korea, China and so on, hence ought to be put on an industrial scale to earn money.

When asked if that is indeed, the food for the people of Korea he shouted “ha Kwame Nkrumah, you don’t know Chinese and those Asian countries?

He told Kwame Nkrumah ‘Tikesie’ “Do you know it is the staple food for Koreans? In Ghana, we don’t import dogs”, adding “It is time government brought dog policy so that we rear enough dogs to export their processed meat to those countries because it is something that is important to them”.

He went on “it is not everybody that eats dog but those of us who eat it we know ourselves; we are not many. But the potential to create jobs for young people that will push people to go into dog rearing, you have no idea”.

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