Akufo-Addo Shuns Afoko, Agyepong & Others


..Distributes 100 Motorbikes To Regional Chairman Without Them

The sharp divisions, that characterized the election of the national executives of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in August, this year, are still at play and eating up the party.

The administrators of the party, National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong, are determined to ensure the victory of the opposition party, but insiders say, the flagbearer for the 2016 general elections, Nana Akufo-Addo, is failing to involve them in his activities, making them feel sidelined.

The largest opposition leader, after travelling with these same executives to the Republic of Korea to reconcile and strategize for the 2016 elections, a fortnight ago, together with some members of his Kitchen Cabinet, presented 100 motorbikes to prosecute the 2016 election campaign, without the knowledge of both the Chairman and the General Secretary.

The pictures of the event, went viral on social media and some newspapers sympathetic to the NPP, but the Chairman and General Secretary, were copiously missing at the ceremony to donate the logistics to the ten regional chairmen.
All the regional offices of the party, received ten motorbikes each, directly from Nana Akufo-Addo at his Nima residence.

The same regional executives, fought Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyepong, in the run-up to the October Presidential race. About six of them, openly attacked the National executives, demanding for the early election, instead of a late election. The Regional Executives, went ahead and pledge their support for Nana Addo, in total disrespect and disregard for party procedure.

In his speech, Nana Addo, said the best way he could thank delegates after the party’s October 18, 2014 conference for voting massively for him, “was to begin the process of mobilizing resources and logistics, ahead of election 2016, and for the prosecution of an effective campaign.”

He said, “in view of this, friends of mine and I, have begun the first phase of equipping the party which will see every region receive ten (10) motorbikes”, failing to acknowledge the role of the National executives, and indeed, creating disaffection between the Regional Executives and the National Executives.

Meanwhile, the 2016 flagbearer of the NPP, has promised to run a government devoid of tribal considerations, should he be elected President of the country.

According to him, his desire to see Ghana develop, goes beyond any tribal and ethnic undertones that may exist in the country.

“I haven’t come for the Akyems, the Ashantis, Fantes, the Dagombas or any other tribe; I came for Ghana,” the former attorney general told a gathering of NPP supporters at Madina in Accra last Sunday.

But this promise has left many wondering about Nana Addo’s true intent, especially so when his kitchen cabinet is made up of family members.

He said, Ghanaians must give consideration to their current living conditions and the economic atmosphere in the country, as they make the decision on who to vote for in the 2016 elections.

“If you are starving today, and experiencing the suffering and hardships in the country, why won’t you make a decision that can change things for the better?

“I haven’t come to serve tribes, I came to serve Ghana, so give me the opportunity to do so,” he stated.

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