Akufo-Addo & Men Put Djaba Sisters In Danger


…Opens Them Up For Attack

Ms Dede Djaba and family, were brutally attacked after the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Unite Kingdom (UK), Fundraising dinner with Dr Mahamudu Bawumia as guest of honour In London.

In the early hours of Saturday November 15, 2014, Lawyer, Dede Djaba, her aunt, Mrs Beatrice Addo, her husband, Mr Gyasi-Addo, staunch NPP members from Koforidua and a guest, Ms Christiana Nartey from Ningo and Ada, were brutally attacked by Joyce Dei, aspirant for Bosome Freho and about 10 pro Nana Addo women outside the Prince and Princess Banqueting Suite in Edmonton, London, after the fundraising dinner dance with Dr Bawumia.

Clad in their beautiful kente costumes, Ms Djaba and her guests, attended the event in the spirit of unity. Right at the entrance to the event, some fierce looking women asked Ms Djaba to leave as it was a “Nana Addo event.” She politely informed them that she had every right to be there, as she had purchased tickets at £40 per head. Marlon Anipa of NPP UK, London Branch and Hohoe North, had reserved 2 tickets for them.

They were particularly hostile towards them and verbally attacked and provoked Ms Djaba, the sister of their national Women’s organiser, throughout the event.

Ms Djaba, a former member of the NPP UK constitutional review committee and communications team and her guests, had participated in the fundraising, dancing and general merry-making. However, towards the end of the event, Madam Joyce Dei, also known as “Suzy of Luton” a notorious serial caller and die-hard Nana Addo sycophant, came straight on the rampage and said to Ms Djaba : ” You must be ashamed of yourself for attending this event expecting a reaction.

Ms Djaba, was taken aback, extremely surprised and hurt by her remarks. She had wrongly assumed that the Nana Addo for 2016 campaign group UK branch wanted unity. They had been singing the “unity” anthem throughout the night. It was just a mere facade.

Hayford Atta Krufi, the former Chairman of the NPP UK, and his No Nana No Vote Brigade, refused to speak to Ms Djaba or acknowledge her. Most of the people at his table totally ignored Ms Djaba, who was sitting right next to Hayford’s table. Ms Djaba was not perturbed.

At the end of the event, at around 1:45 am, on a cold and rainy Autumn night, the thugs stood outside the premises waiting to pounce on Ms Djaba with the sole intent of wounding or perhaps even ending her life on the dark streets of London.

The leader of the pack of wolves, descended very quickly. One of them started chanting abuses and using unprintable language. Another used herself as a human shield or suicide bomber by standing right in front of the moving motor vehicle to prevent it from going any further.

The skillful driver, manoeuvred slowly with the women banging extremely hard on all the 4 windows and the windscreen, chanting “shame, Kwasea, aboa funu, etc..”
They had already taken ms Djaba’s money and were now showing their disdain, contempt and violent behaviour. Their tactics were bizarre to say the least. They showed Ms Djaba, her maternal aunt, an Ashanti lady and her husband, Mr Gyasi-Addo, the red card. The new member, who had just joined the NPP UK from Ningo was in tears, frightened and completely disgusted.

The message is crystal clear. Ms Djaba campaigned towards the end of the recent NPP Flag bearership elections for Alan Kyerematen from her base in London.
Her presence was not appreciated There has been a litany of abuse and threats, which has now manifested itself in a brutal attack.

It was only the skills of the driver of the vehicle and the strength of the fibre glass windows that saved their lives. The Mother of all battles has just begun. The all-die-be-die Nana babes, were in action in full force, led by Joyce Dei, the failed parliamentary candidate of Bosome Freho.

At the time of writing, Ms Djaba, had reported the matter to the Party Chairman via text message and to the Metropolitan Police.

Ms Djaba, has been campaigning relentlessly with her own resources for the NPP for several years, travelling to Ghana for elections 2008 and 2012. The people of Ghana are watching. The whole world is watching. Power at all cost? Or is it all hands on deck? The Akyem mafia are showing their true colours. Is the NPP really a united party demonstrating a united front?

Watch this space.

Source: Ms Dede Djaba

A human rights and immigration lawyer, political activist, media presenter, mentor and mediator.
At this was happing, her sister Otiko Djaba, who is the National Women Organizer was also crying and forced to kneel before Nana Addo begging. She was insulted at the highest level of the NPP during a meeting at Alisa Hotel for proposing the names of two ladies to deputize her.

She was insulted and the names short down resulting in the tears. Unable to stand the verbal attacks, she threatened to resign. She was eventually forced to reverend an unqualified apology to Nana Akufo-Addo, the NPP flagbearer, who was present at the meeting and chaired it.

Nana Addo, accepted only one of the names from Otiko after the apology. Otiko, has publicly revealed that she is not trusted in the NPP, because she is a relative of President John Mahama, and she is accused of spying for him by leaking top secret party strategies to him; something she has denied.

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