Akufo-Addo Confused Over Ministerial Reshuffle


President Nana Akufo-Addo, has reportedly abandoned his much anticipated ministerial reshuffle, The Herald, has gathered from sources within government.

According to information, the President, has discarded the idea of booting out some of his non-performing ministers after expectations were highly raised, especially in the media that some portfolios, which have made his ministerial list the biggest in history was going to be trimmed down.

This paper’s sources at the seat of government say, President Akufo-Addo, primarily found it difficult to reshuffle any of his appointees, because most of them are either blood relations or friends.

There are those from the other side of the party; ex-President John Kufuor’s camp, whom he is also scared to touch, since he does not want to cause an uproar within the party.

The rest are also old friends and buddies, who have helped him in the struggle to gain political power and so he does not want to offend anyone, hence the reason he has held his cards close to his chest.

The reshuffle was to follow a ministerial assessment by the president at the Flagstaff House, where all the 110 ministers, were scrutinized based on their performance in the first one year.

However, weeks after the reported encounter, nothing has been heard from the President, be it the results of the assessment or the reshuffle itself.

It will be recalled that few weeks ago, news went viral that the President was gearing up to reshuffle his ministers to make way for fresh limbs into the administration.

Senior journalist and Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, had also hinted, there was going to be ministerial changes.

Mr Baako, who is very close to government said on Joy FM’s news analysis programme, Newsfile that “Looking into the crystal ball, it [number of appointees] is going to drop,” he said.

According to him, it was possible that, the110 ministers, may soon be whittled down even though he backed it when the announcement was made in 2017.

“From day one we knew it would drop and so it is going to drop; meaning that some people will be reshuffled, some would change portfolios and some will go home and take a rest,” he said.

Pressure group Alliance For Accountable Governance (AFAG) sympathetic to the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), also waded into the fray, urging the president to oust underperforming ministers.

The group’s Deputy General Secretary, Wesley Owusu said, although some of the appointees were  competent, Akufo-Addo “should start to put pen on paper and tell the [nonperforming ministers] that he’s not interested in a lukewarm attitude and let them go.”

“Before he was elected into office, the president told Ghanaians that he had the men to work for us. Now we have some of the ministers who are doing very well. Others need to improve on their work but we all know those who are not working and such people need to be sacked. . .

A lot of them are not doing well and this is a fact. If he (President) says he has the men, then this is the time to show it to us.

He should not re-assign them to other sectors as we have seen in the past,” he told Kaakyire Kwesi Appea-Apraku, the host of Power FM’s Dwaboase programme.

“Governance is not a child’s play,” he said while cautioning the poorly performing ministers to warm up and deliver in accordance with the vision of the Akufo-Addo administration.

“It is not a try your luck business we are doing here in Ghana. It’s not a child’s play. It’s governance. Don’t take the job because you’ve been appointed and enjoy the benefits associated with the appointment,” he added while advising appointees to be up and doing.

So as it stands now, those ministers who feared they would be relieved of their jobs, can heave a sigh of relief, as their ousting has been suspended indefinitely; President Akufo-Addo, doesn’t want to hurt anyone- it is an era of family and friends.

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