Akufo-Addo Bodyguards Beat-Up Lord Commey


Warms Him To Stay Away From His Nima Residence

By Cecil Mensah

The personal security detail of the twice defeated presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) last Monday, April 22, 2014 manhandled an threw out Lord Commey, onetime National Organizer of the NPP, from Nana Addo’s Nima residence.

According to eyes witness, Mr. Commey had a rude shock of his life, when the security detail at the Nima residence of Nana Akufo-Addo near the Nima Divisional Police command in Accra, maltreated him. It is unclear why he did not lodge a complaint about his manhandling with the police for the necessary action to be taken against them.

The security guards, succeeded in preventing Mr. Commey from seeing the septuagenarian. It was as though they had been strictly told that Mr. Commey’s pass to the house, has been revoked.

It is not clear whether the attack was stage-managed to give an impression that Nana Addo was letting go off Mr. Commey, now that Paul Afoko is the National Chairman of the NPP. Mr. Afoko was slapped and driven away like a kid from Legon in 2007 during a National Delegates’ Conference to elect a Presidential candidate.

This was after Mr. Commey had accused him of buying votes for Alan Kwadwo Kyeremanteng from the delegates with dollars.

The source said Mr. Commey, who was also in the company of some boys believed to be his bodyguards, did not take kindly to the humiliation. A scuffle ensued at the gate with Mr. Commey, being eventually turned away rudely.

Nana Addo, who was home at the time, did not step out to stop the attack on the member of Akufo-Addo For President 2016.

There are conflicting accounts of the attack. Some alleged that Mr. Commey, has chopped some money, while others say the problem between the security detail at Nana Addo’s gate and Mr. Commey erupted because, He did not stick to his core duty as the Director of Operations for the campaign, he rather became the lead security for Nana Addo.

The reports claimed that he (Mr. Commey) goes round creating passage ways for Nana Addo, anytime he (Nana Addo) was traveling as part of his re-election campaign.

The security personnel according to sources were not enthused about their job being usurped by Mr. Commey and his boys, hence the furious scuffle.
They are even wondering why the Director of Operations rampantly visits, when all such positions were disbanded after Nana’s cronies lost at Tamale.

Mr. Commey arrogated himself to pushing people for the arrival of Nana Addo, when he (Nana Adddo) had security detail to protect him at all function and monthly remunerated by the candidate himself.

An angry security man told The Herald that the man is more or less the security of Nana Addo, when they are supposed to be doing that same job, adding they will not allow this to happen.

Meanwhile, some party insiders have told The Herald, they are not surprised by the development as Nana Addo has a way of using and dumping his lieutenants, adding that Mr. Commey, might just have been dumped.

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