Akufo-Addo Begins Flagstaff House Journey


With AFAG Demos & Workers’ Strikes

A pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) pressure group, Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), will embark on a massive demonstration through the principal streets of Accra, to protest the economic privation in Ghana.

The AFAG demonstration and workers’ strikes action, NPP insiders have told The Herald are some of the strategies planned to make John Mahama appear unpopular in the country.

This to the best of their opinion, will help Nana Akufo-Addo and Dr. Mahamu Bawumia, to emerge President and Vice-President, respectively, come January 7, 2017.

Already both the United Kingdom (UK) and United State (US), has witnessed demonstrations by NPP supporters in those countries against President Mahama, who the opposition party has tagged as corrupt.

The AFAG demonstration dubbed, “Aagbe wor” which literally means “They are Killing Us” in Ga, is scheduled for Thursday, November 6 and the organizers said, it was meant to draw government’s attention to the worsening economic situation in the country as officials and appointees “enjoy State resources.”

According to AFAG, Ghanaians must be daring to come out in their numbers to demonstrate, because the level of corruption in government is startling. AFAG said the poor citizens have been at the suffering end since their way of life is demeaning.

The chairman of AFAG, Dr Ayew Afriyie, told a news conference, yesterday, the pressure group is concerned about the deplorable living standards in the country, and the “poor handling of affairs of the nation”, demands attention.

According to him, the John Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) government is “killing” Ghanaians because, “every day we wake up with new cases of corruption.”

“We have been deprived of resources and only officials of the ruling NDC are living better… This is an opportunistic president and government,” Dr. Afriyie said.
Thursday’s protest is also against “excessive abuse and misuse of state resources by National Democratic Congress (NDC) appointees.”

Addressing a news conference at the Obra Spot in Accra, the Chairman of AFAG, Dr. Ayew Afriyie, indicated that the group, has also resolved to embark on their action due to government’s poor handling of the economy.

Additionally, the demonstration is aimed at drawing government’s attention to the rising spate of corruption in the country.

The group believes the protest will compel government to take a bold step to fight the canker.

“The demonstration is premised on two things, corruption and hardship. Every new day in the life of the Ghanaian now, you wake up to witness another news of corruption…Today we want you to know that the NDC government, led by President Mahama are killing us. As the Ga’s will say ‘aabge w)’; they are killing us. And therefore, the demonstration to be held by AFAG is themed ‘aagbe w)’ demonstration, meaning; we are being killed,” the group’s Chairman explained.

Mr. Afriyie, noted that the massive corruption cases that have lately hit the country, have deprived the citizenry from enjoying basic privileges they are legitimately entitled to.

“Because of corruption, …only the NDC and their officials are living better now. Because of corruption, Ghanaians are maimed; mass suicide, joblessness all over, but nobody is listening and that is why we say the President is an opportunistic President and for that matter his government is an opportunistic one.”

Mr. Afriyie, alleged that the circle interchange project and other major projects being undertaken by the government is just a ploy to embezzle state funds.

“They are constructing an interchange out there when we are struggling , when you cannot pay the salaries of workers, when Ghanaians cannot afford three square meal. The cost of this project originally is 46 million euros, but we are being made to understand it is 78 million euros.

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