Akufo-Addo Begging For Platform To Speak


The 2012 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo-Addo, seems to have found a new way to sell himself to the outside world by speaking on every platform, however, small or unknown.

The latest is the one organized by a very unknown Communications and Public Relations (PR) and Advertising company in Nigeria, called Verdant Zeal Marketing, which created a platform for him to speak as a “global speaker on leadership change” thus selling himself to Nigerians, ahead of the December 2016 elections campaign.

This comes less than a month after the Royal Africa Society and the Centre for African Studies of the School of Oriental and African Studies in the United Kingdom (UK), was coerced to invite Nana Akufo-Addo to address a symposium, where the Foreign Minister, Hanna Tetteh, had been billed as the main speaker, using his Akyem connection to Lord, Paul Boateng.

The Nigerian symposium, which took place on Tuesday, was dubbed “Verdant Zeal 3rd Innovation Leadership Series” in Lagos, had Nana Addo addressing the small gathering of about twenty people, under the theme ‘’Growing Leadership Innovation: Lessons for Africa’’. He diagnosed that the bane of Africa’s development is simply, leadership failure.

The Herald’s findings about the company, Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications Limited, is that it is almost unknown, but erroneously prides itself as a leading company amongst its peers in Nigeria, in Public Relations (PR) and Advertising.

Interestingly, although not known in Ghana, Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications Limited, claimed at the programme that it has extended its operations within the West African market, after acquiring majority stake in two marketing communications firms, Brands and Products in Ghana, and Mofix in The Gambia.

However, The Herald’s investigations into claim by the Group Managing Director of Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications -Nigeria, Tunji Olugbodi that his company in February this year, bought Brands and Products in Ghana, to form Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications – Ghana, is proving problematic, as the Ghanaian company cannot be traced.

Painstaking search conducted by this paper to know the existence of Brands and Products, which is supposed to be in Ghana, has proved futile. The Herald is also in search of the owners of the Ghanaian company.

Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications, had indicated that the landmark acquisition of Brands and Products meant that Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications Ltd, was going to be the first Nigerian indigenous marketing communications company to buy over and own majority stake in other foreign advertising agencies across the continent.

Mr. Tunji Olugbodi said that the former Brands and Products and Mofix, will now be known as Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications, Ghana and Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications, Gambia.

Giving more insight into the acquisition, Mr. Tunji Olugbodi said, Verdant Zeal acquired a 60 per cent stake in Brands and Products, Ghana and 70 per cent stake in Mofix, Gambia, and noted that “I am glad that the process of this acquisition which has been on for about a year now has been fully consummated”.

Details from Nigeria, revealed that Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications was established in 2007 as a multi-disciplinary marketing communications company.

Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications, had claimed its imprints on clients across several sectors and prides itself as providing its clients with business solutions that are practical and above industry standards working with its principle of OTOBOS – On Time, On Budget and On Strategy.

The acquisition of the Ghanaian and Gambian companies is part of a 5 year strategy for “inclusive linear growth and expansion” for the Verdant Zeal brand across West and East Africa.

The company is expected to inject funds into developing the markets as catalyst for the organic development that has become its staple in the last seven years.

The Gambian operation, it said is designed to be the hub that will serve the Sierra Leone and Liberian markets and the next phase of expansion will focus on East Africa- specifically, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. With the thrust, Verdant Zeal it said is able to consolidate its growing influence and clientele across the West Coast, as well as nurture emerging opportunities.

Nana Addo, in effect was used as PR tool for Verdant Zeal Marketing Communications-Nigerian to introduce itself to the Ghanaian Advertising market and to convince Nigerian companies operating in Ghana to link up.

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