Akon With All His Money Comes To Ghana To Shoot His Music Video


…& Hires A Ghanaian As A Director, Yet…

When some of us say Ghanaians do not see anything good in other Ghanaians or find anything great in Ghana, we are easily jumped on and lynched.

When I read that Akon is in Ghana, I was happy that another African who has achieved great success in America and the world of music has decided to pay Ghana a visit.

My joy temperature went up higher when I continued reading, learning that he is in Ghana to shoot a music video of his song with two Nigerians. And even has hired a Ghanaian director to be in charge of the video.

First of all, Akon could have shot this video in anywhere of the world, including under the water and yet he decided to come to Ghana.

Secondly, he featured two Nigerians on the song and this means Nigeria was a good place for him. Yet he chooses Ghana and flew the two Nigerians to come and join him in Ghana.

What does this tell us as Ghanaians, especially our struggling musicians who will borrow money and clear all their savings to go to South Africa or London for a music video just to showcase the red London buses?

Akon can afford every location for his video and has the resource to hire whoever he wants. But he has seen something great in a Ghanaian and in Ghana.

We fail to see these things and will kill ourselves just to stand by the road side in NY to shoot our music video.When will we as Ghanaians begin to read the writing on the wall?

Akon, thanks for reminding some of us that Ghana is such a great place!

Source: O. Ankrah/ghanacelebrities.com

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