Airtel Trace Music Star 2016 Features Keri Hilson As Official Mentor


Season two of Airtel TRACE Music Star, the biggest pan-African talent search competition, is back and will see Keri Hilson on the hunt for Africa’s next music talent from February 1, 2016!

This year’s Airtel TRACE Music Star competition will be activated in Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Niger, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi,Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia as the newest African territory to enter the competition from February 1, 2016.

The best singing talent in each territory will be identified, rewarded and compete for the title of best African music talent. To participate, contestants will need to call in a short code number with their mobile phones, record their songs to stand a chance of becoming the next big music star in Africa. The grand finale will be held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The grand prize comprises a mentorship programme with multi-award winning American singer-songwriter Keri Hilson in Atlanta. The winner will not only star in their own music video alongside Keri Hilson; he/she will get an opportunity to record a duet with the “Knock You Down” songstress, as well as receive a signed contract with a major music label and worldwide media exposure through various TRACE’s platforms.

With 2.3 million calls made in its previous season, the Airtel TRACE Music Star (ATMS) talent search is the biggest music competition to ever take place in Africa. The number of contestants surpassed European and American talent shows such as “The Voice” and “Idols”.

The mobile phone based ATMS talent search contest also won the “Best Pan-African Initiative” accolade at the prestigious AfricaCom Awards held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Crowned Airtel TRACE Music star winner by megastar Akon, Mayunga won a record deal as well as promotion for a total value exceeding $500,000 and a mentorship programme with Akon. His first track “Nice Couple” reached number 1 on all major radio and TV charts in his home country of Tanzania. A few months ago, he was in Los Angeles with Akon to record his second single “Please Don’t Go Away” and shoot the music video.

Airtel Ghana and TRACE will in the coming days announce the launch of what promises to be the biggest music talent unveiling event in Ghana.

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