Agyarko Verbally Clears BOST MD Again!


While Sitting On Damning Committee Report On Contaminated Fuel Saga

Energy Minister, has once again verbally dispelled accusations of financial loss involving the sale of 2 million barrels of crude oil by the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) Company Limited to BB Energy Company.

This is the second time that, Mr. Agyarko, is verbally clearing Alfred ObengBoateng of any wrongdoing without any formal system of investigation.

In the heat of the 5 million contaminated fuel saga sometime last year, the same Minister of Energy claimed that the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) has carried out a probe and cleared the BOST boss of any wrongdoing, but it turned out that the BNI, had not done any such investigation and cleared Mr. Obeng.

The Herald’s information is that, a second committee set up to investigate the matter, has since submitted its report to the Minister of Energy, who is refusing to make it public.

Sources close to the committee told The Herald that, the BOST MD, refused to appear before the 9-member committee to give evidence on the 5 million contaminated fuel saga.

He wrote a letter to the committee daringly saying he won’t show up to testify, and although the committee complained about his stance to Mr. Agyarko, he never took action against the BOST MD.

Other workers of BOST, who appeared before the committee, also refused to cooperate with the committee, saying they had been warned not to divulge any information to the ministerial committee.

It is not clear why both the management and staff of BOST, were tightlipped on the 5 million contaminated fuel saga.

But this paper’s insiders revealed that the committee discovered that there is a cartel at BOST, which was behind the 5 million contaminated fuel saga.

It was discovered that, fuel is deliberately contaminated to pave way for the cartel which include some middle level staff of BOST to purchase and resell, thus ripping a fortune at the expense of the state.

The committee is said to have submitted its findings to the Minister sometime in November, last year, and he has been sitting on it.

The committee sat for seven to eight weeks, and made some damning discoveries, despite the refusal of the BOST management and staff to cooperate with the committee.

Executive Secretary of COPEC-GH, Duncan Amoah, had said in a statement that Ghana lost GHS23million.

COPEC-GH has, therefore, urged the Economic and Organised Crime Organisation (EOCO), Police CID, the BNI and the Office of the Special Prosecutor (SP) to take up the matter to unravel the circumstances and details regarding the sale.

The Minister, during an interaction with journalists on Thursday, March 22, 2018, asked “What’s the loss?”

He continued: “Look, the current matter that all of you are jumping up and down about, the Qua Ibo Crude was not put in those tanks yesterday. It is part of our inheritance and the complexity about that matter is what BOST is trying to resolve. If you leave me with a problem and I’m trying to unwind the problem and solve it and you stand on the sidelines and hoot, I’ll ignore you.

“I’ll respectfully say that we all have to try and understand the pricing methodology in the crude trade. I think that is one big gap that all of us suffer for. I’ll respectfully say that let’s sit down and come to an understanding of how these pricings are done. Once you understand the pricing and methodology… then we’ll come to understand that nothing untoward has happened.

“But even then, let’s investigate it. But to say that you’re going to the special prosecutor to me is not…for want of a better word I’d leave it at that,” he added.

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