Agyarko After All Is Better Than Amewu

When Boakye Agyarko, was at the helm of affairs at the Energy ministry, we did not experience the erratic power supply that we are currently witnessing.

Despite the many scandals that defined his stewardship, he will go down in history, as one of the best to have headed the Energy ministry.

Maybe, as happened in the past, we were all too quick to pronounce him guilty and demanded for his head.

Whatever and however posterity chooses to remember him, it must also be stated that, the new Ameri Novation deal, stinks to the high heavens.

It was an unforgivable error, a mistake someone of his experience, should not have been his waterloo.

John Peter Amewu, who it is becoming clear, has made his name through talking, is not able to determine what is causing the recent power outages and as usual in his attempt to answer an obvious question of the return of ‘dumsor’, he only not took a jibe at the National Democratic Congress, but Ghanaians, by suggesting that, they had endured two years of dumosr under the previous administration, but cannot for only one week under this government.

Since he took over from Boakye Agyarko, he has embarked on that familiar pastime, which is to hoodwink Ghanaians into forgetting the promises they made to them in the lead up to the 2016 election.

When Ghanaians complained about the incessant increment in the price of petroleum product, Amewu’s words of consolation was that, if the NDC was in power, they would have been paying more for it.

In our opinion, what is presently happening in power sector, as far as supply is concerned, is nothing short of dumosr.

Government’s overtime, especially since 1992, have been coming up with excuses and explanations, when it is clear and apparent that ‘dumsor’ is with us, so we are not surprised at the posture of the minister.

Energy experts, including the minority Members of Parliament (MPs), have hit the nail right on the head saying, the reason for the outages, is a liquidity problem.

In our considered view, liquidity challenge has always been the big elephant in the room. For some time now, we have always had excess generating capacity, it is the money to buy crude to power the machines, as well as pay debts we owe the power producers, that has the problem.

Any explanation of it is over and we have seen the last of it, is only sweeping the matter under the current.

The minister confirmed the return of dumsor with a linguistic acrobatics.




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