Agric Ministry Bans Transit Meat


The Ministry of Food and Agriculture, has serve notice that it Will not accept any meat on transit into Ghana after the month of April.
According to the Ministry, all meat on transit without permit will not be allowed into the country as majority of these products end up on the Ghanaian market.

Speaking at a meeting to educate importers of meat and poultry products on the new measures being rolled out, Madam Hannah Bissau, Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Member of Parliament (MP) for Tano South in the Brong Ahafo Region said, the Ministry would not relent on sending any meat on transit back to its country of origin in accordance with the vertinary laws of the country.

She said, on average Ghana imports about two hundred and seventy thousand Dollars of inferior poultry products into the country.
Ninety nine percent of these meat imports are without permit from the Ministry and those with permit were signed by names, who are no more working with the Ministry.

She was of the view that, the situation where people import before coming to seek permit from the Ministry will also not be countenanced as the Ministry is effecting measures to ensure the safety of the public.

She explained that meat and poultry products from Canada and parts of South America, have been banned from entering Ghana as part of measures to safeguard the health needs of Ghanaians.

Every importer of poultry, who fails to pay the needed import fee of 100 Cedis per year to the Ministry, will be blacklisted from importing meat products into the country .

She said, only importers with permit would be encouraged by the livestock department to import to cushion the Ghanaian poultry farmers.
She said, failure of importers to import without permit, would result in six month imprisonment or a fine.

She explained that the Ministry, was reliably informed that thirty percent of poultry imported into the country are injected with water to increase the weight of the product only to meet the weight requirements.

“Some of the products are expired, but importers change the expiry dates on arrival in the country, ” she disclosed
She said the Ministry would ensure that nobody takes one permit for multiple importation of meat and poultry products into the country.

She explained that to curb this fraud in the system, that is why the Ministry has resolved to scan all permits and email it directly to the port Authorities.

She noted that all permits for the importation and clearance of meat and poultry products, would be done electronically to check multiple fraud of one permit being used to clear several unwholesome products from the port.

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