Aggrieved Akwamu Family Blocks Kwafo Akoto


At National House of Chiefs

The National House of Chiefs, led by Agbogbomefia of the Asogli State, Togbe Afede XIV, is being asked not to gazette, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, as the substantive paramount chief of Akwamu.

Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, whose ascension unto the throne, is being challenged, has occupied the seat for the past six years, as acting chief.

Yaa Ansaa Family of Akwamu, led by Abusuapanin Kojo Kyere Ardaquaye and Abrewatia Love Adwo Som, has through its lawyers, Yaw Barimah and Co, written to the Registrar of the National House of Chiefs in Kumasi to immediately halt further attempt to make the 3rd Respondent, the legitimate paramount chief of Akwamu by gazetting him.

They stated that, they are appealing against the decision of Judicial Committee of Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, making Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, alias Kwabena Owiredu, as the rightfully installed paramount chief of Akwamu.

The letter sighted by The Herald said “we are instructed to bring to your attention the Notice of Appeal, a copy of which is attached herein for ease of reference, and to request that your office does not go ahead with the registration or gazetting of the 3rd Respondent herein pending the final determination of the appeal”.

The family insisted, it was not satisfied with last week’s decision by the Judicial Committee of the Regional House of Chiefs, headed by the Okyenhene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panin to keep Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III as the Akwamu Paramount chief.

Yaa Ansaa Family, insists they are dissatisfied with the decision of the Judicial Committee of the Regional House of Chiefs in Koforidua, which also had Okotwasua Kantamanto Oworae Agyekum III and Nene Sakite II, delivered on May 10, 2017.

Before the appeal was filed, a bribery allegation was leveled against the Regional House of Chiefs.

The Abrewatia of the Yaa Ansaa Family of Akwamu, made the bribery allegation against the judicial committee of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs.

But an elder of the Yaa Ansaa Family, Love Edwo Among and several others, have expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling and alleged some members of the Eastern Regional House of Chiefs, have been bribed to rule in favour of the Botwe faction.

Love Edwo, who spoke to Class News, gave hints that her faction would appeal. Tension is said to be high in the Akwamu Traditional Area, especially Akwamufie.

The judgment, before it was given, attracted heavy police presence at the compound of the Regional House of Chiefs in Koforidua on Wednesday, May 10, 2017, for fear of possible violence between the two factions of Akwamu after ruling had been given.

The Yaa Ansaa Family, believe the judgment is faulty as it was induced by money. Insiders have mentioned two notable names from the area amongst them is a hotelier and a restaurant operator.

A press conference is scheduled in the area to lay some matters bare. The event will also see some rituals being performed by the Yaa Ansaa Family to invoke the spirits of their ancestors against those who collected the bribe, as well as those who offered it to buy the judge.

Reading the judgment on behalf of the House of Chiefs, Nana Gyankoma Djaba Mensah, a state attorney, said among other thing that, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, was validly nominated, elected and installed Paramount Chief of Akwamu in accordance with the custom and practices of the people of Akwamu.

The protracted chieftaincy dispute was between the two factions of the Akwamu Black Stool – Yaa Ansaa and Yaa Botwe royal families – of which the former claimed to be the indigenous custodian of the stool, while the latter was an alien.

However, the judicial committee unanimously ruled the case in favour of the Yaa Botwe family, stating that it was eligible to ascend the Black Stool and, therefore, would hold no allegiance to the Yaa Ansaa family.

The judicial committee also slapped a cost of GH¢15,000 on the petitioners to pay to the respondents for “wasting” their time on the case.

The ruling got members of the Yaa Botwe side jubilating and Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, in his interaction with the media, showed gratitude to the people of Akwamu for their immense support towards the outcome of the case and called for both factions to reunite for development.

The coming days promises to be interesting times in the history of the Akwamu people.




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