Aged and children in Denkyiraboase suffering from ‘serious’ hunger – MP


The Member of Parliament (MP) for Upper Denkyira West constituency in the Central region Samuel Nsowah Gyan has stated that the aged and children in Denkyiraboase and its environs of the Central region are suffering from hunger following the death of Major Maxwell Mahama.

According to him, the town has been deserted except the aged and children who are left to their own fate.

He bemoaned food stuffs which are left to rot in various farms due to lack of courage by the few ones to visit their farms.

Mr Nsowah Gyan indicated that residents who were not directly involved in the lynching are being arrested daily making it difficult for others to visit their farms for food fearing that they will also be arrested.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show with Lantam Papanko, the legislator stated that the aged and children are living in absolute fear describing the situation as ‘unfortunate’.

He stated that those who fled when the incident occurred are willing to return but are scared of being arrested by the police.

Mr Nsowah described as ‘sad’ the inability of traders to sell foodstuffs in the food basket area saying people who pluck their cocoa pods and other harvested crops have been left to rot.

‘It looks as if the people of Denkyiraboase are being paid in their own price, but its unfortunate, not all of them were involved in the atrocities, but I can tell you for sure that Denkyiraboase is a ghost town now, nobody is living there, with the exception of the aged and the children. And for that matter, I can tell you that those they are living in fear and they are dying of hunger. In fact those who fled are willing to return but are being arrested arbitrary. So anybody heard to be natives of Denkyiraboase but staying in other towns are arrested, and for that matter the aged and children are left in their own fate,’ he bemoaned.

The MP said he has personally been transporting Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) candidates in Denkyiraboase to the exams centers.

He called on government, Central regional MP, NGOs, individuals to come to the aid of the residents to prevent the town from being ‘desolate’ saying not all the residents were involved in the lynching.

The late soldier who was mistaken for an armed robber and lynched by an irate youth in the town will be buried at the Osu military cemetery in Accra on Friday.

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