After Sacrificing Elvis, Dzifa Attivor And Betraying Haruna, Sylvester And Spio, The Gun Is Now On Omane Boamah


The veiled war of attrition being fomented by hatchet politicians to sow the seeds of discord between and among Ministers of President John Dramani Maham and members of the NDC can only be tantamount to pushing a self-destruct button – and an ill wind that blows no good.

Even before the President, John Dramani Mahama, could begin his second term of four years in 2017, the race for his successor in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has already started claiming casualties.

Given the current romance to eliminate anybody in the party with a slight ambition of leading it, using every means available among party members, could certainly spell doom for the party, if steps are not taken by the current leadership to avert the trend.

I concede that the misinformation, distortion, overzealousness, and exuberance grow naturally from unbridled ambition. Even so, the current situation in the NDC is uniquely depressing.

We live in a hyper-partisan time, in which the desire to score political points and spruce up the record of one’s political camp, has replaced responsible citizenship, except I did not think this will happen in the same party.

It is good to dream and have ambitions, after all we do not pay to aspire, but in achieving those dreams, we need not step on so many toes to do that.

It is said that, the people you meet on your way up, are the same people you will meet on your way down, the moral of this saying is to treat everyone you meet in your life right.

The ugly trend emerging in the National Democratic Congress, especially among ministers and government appointees is becoming uglier by the day.

The media, which is supposed to be the mouthpiece of the destitute in society and act as watchmen over our public servants, have unfortunately become the harbinger for not only destroying our opponents, but party members, because of the unbridled ambitions of some individuals.

This year is beginning to look very interesting for the NDC, the signs were nebulous in the beginning, but it is clear now to anyone, who wants to see. The President, John Dramani Mahama, if he still has it in him to win this year’s election, and leave the party united after his tenure, he must begin to exert his authority and call his men to order.

As the pendulum swings, many fine gentlemen and ladies are sure to get hurt and by extension the government, if urgent steps are not taken to reign in individuals, who think the end justifies the means.

What started like a joke, has now assumed a new dimension, where classified and sensitive documents are leaked from the Flagstaff House, the seat of government to some media houses to destroy one minister or another.

I think the NDC and President Mahama, have an uphill task of having a united party, should they lose November 7, election. In my mind’s eye, I can see a trouble and divided party, more than what is currently manifesting in the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

I have lost count of the number of Ministers, who by every fibre in my bone, were hanged to dry by their own people, some escaped the trap, others unfortunately could not. Let us consider a few, who were thrown under the bus.

Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

A gentleman by every standard, who has served this country and his party faithfully at every opportunity that came his way, was thrown into the lion’s den, when he was appointed to head the Ministry of Sports.

The day he stepped there, many people had set traps for him, he surmounted some, but fell on the sharp knives, when he led the Senior National Team, the Black Stars to the World Cup in Brazil.

The story of our performance is not something I will waste my time to elaborate. A Committee was set up by the President to go into the whole disaster. The Committee finished it work and before the Presidency, could issue a white paper on it; the report was being discussed in the media.

What is annoying is that, the whole report will not be made available for right thinking and fair minded people to make sense or otherwise, but sections of it that serves the purpose of those behind the leak.

I don’t see Elvis Afriyie, rising above the rubbles politically. Whatever ambitions, he has, has been buried and forgotten.

Madam Dzifa Attivor

I am sad to say, Madam Dzifa Attivor, had it coming, she was rising so fast and had made so many friends, as well as foes. Madam Attivor is the beautiful bride of Ghanaian politics and an embodiment of a Ghanaian hospitality.

Her performance first as a Deputy Minister and subsequently a substantive Minister of Transport, was excellent.
The Ministry had achieved a lot under her tenure and a lot is in the pipeline. She had set out to revive the dead Ghana Airways and posterity will
reward her for that singular feat.

The NDC should count itself lucky to have in its fold someone like Madam Ativor. She took the fall for the bus branding scandal and unlike many of her peers resigned her position, because she understood, the buck stops with her as the head of that ministry.

Dr. Ekow Spio Garbrah

With a huge wealth and wide range of socio-political ideas, coupled with a vast local and global understanding of events and issues, Dr. Ekow Spio Grabrah, remains the dazzling damsel in Ghanaian politics that many hate to love, or vice versa! Little wonder, no political story in Ghana is complete without the Spio touch or angle. For him, silence is not golden at all, but also a story in itself.

He has never shied away from the truth, he speaks his mind and don’t care whose ox is gored. He has contested to lead the NDC before, even at a time many thought, the timing was wrong. He made enemies in the process and for which reason during the administration of the late President, John Evans Atta Mills, someone said over his dead body, would Dr. Garbrah, be made a Minister.

The propaganda against him has started again, with the Daily Dispatch edited by Ben Ephson, leading the charge.

How do you even suggest that, Dr. Garbrah is working against President Mahama and holding meetings with NDC executives and playing them against the President? This is too cheap a propaganda and we can all see through it that is even if we want to pretend we don’t know where it is coming. Who stands to benefit from this propaganda, we are not asleep.

This was after the Single Window Scheme issue failed to make any impact; they just had to hatch another plot to pitch him against the President.

Sylvester Mensah

Sylvester Mensah was arrested by the Buerau of National Investigation (BNI), was the screaming headlines we read, when we were still enjoying the yuletide. His crime was that, he headed the National Health Insurance Authourity (NHIA), before the President showed him the exit. How the media and the general public had a wind of an innocuous invitation by the BNI to question the gentleman is something that still beats my mind.

If anything is obvious, it is that, someone set out to destroy and tarnish his hard earned image.

Harruna Iddrissu

A rising star and the future of the NDC, if ever there was any northerner in the NDC to succeed John Mahama, then it is Haruna Iddrisu. He is an oasis of good hope – a connector of the past to the present and ‘forecaster’ of the future!

He is a people’s politician, anybody who has ever come in contact with him, would tell what a gift this country has.

Not too long ago, the media claimed to have intercepted a document from the Youth Employment Agency, regarding some demands the Ministry of Labor and Employment made of YEA, which is within the law. Before Haruna could be given the opportunity, he was already crucified, but he could not be buried, because he was smart and know the law.

Haruna is good, intelligent, and a lawyer par excellence and these attributes was what saved him.

Dr. Omane Boamah

Dr. Omane Boamah stands out, head above shoulder, amongst his peers. Those privy to the great listener-but-taciturn team leader, see Dr. Omane Boamah, like a volume of books that cannot be read or analyzed in a hurry.

They also say that his attributes of patience, endurance, bravery and courage, and problem-solving, is what will get him far.
Among the individuals in the NDC, who have the potential of occupying the Flagstaff House as the number one gentleman is Dr. Omane Boamah.

Dr.Omane is a friend worth having and an enemy you don’t want to keep. He is an embodiment of resourceful human capital asset that the country and the NDC party has.

He has also been recently accused of having shares in Afriwave firms. Kwaku Kwarteng, accused the Communications Minister of ‘criminally’ imposing Afriwave on the telecom operators in the country.

This is not only laughable and ridiculous but infantile, coming from a degenerate, who is out to do someone else’s bidding.

As for IMANI Ghana, the least said about them, the better. What a way to celebrate their award, as being the second best Think tank in Africa.
Truth has taken flight in this country and is replaced by propaganda, lies, and exaggerations.

Propaganda has now become the political currency, traded, exchanged, and valued by partisans on both sides of the political divide. And the biggest causalities are the men and women, who have sworn to uphold the truth and serve the country diligently.

What is Common Among These Individuals
The common denominator is that, these are fine gentlemen with the potential to succeed President Mahama, and as our Chaplain told me when I was in Senior Secondary School form one in Bishop Herman College, I will prune your wings before they grow into something we can’t control.

People are afraid of them and must be eliminated through foul means, before they ever make the attempt of leading the party and the country.

The party should not allow mutual mistrust and self-serving individual to deny the party of men and women of substance.

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