After Boycotting National Thanksgiving Services Under Late President Mills


Dr Mensah Otabil says he could sense evil befalling Ghana

By Maxwell Okamafo Asamani Addo

Just some few days away for Ghanaians to mark the first anniversary of the late President Mills who died last year on the throne, the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel churches and Chancellor of the Central University College (CUC) has made a revelation that evil would befall Ghana within the month, if Christians do not pray for the country.

What evil would befall a nation when such a man like late President Mills who many described as a true a Christian leader and a father who saw his tenure of office as a divine intervention of God dies and Ghana is about to celebrate his one year?

But as a Christian I can say on authority that Dr Mensah Otabil boycotted all activities by Christian Churches in Ghana which late President Mills was part.

Of all the religious events organized under President Mills, Pastor Otabil did not involve himself.

He was never at the Castle with other religious leaders to interact with President Mills, nor at the Peduse Logde for the occasional meetings between the Clergy and the President and his team. But more evidently, he never participated in the annual National Thanksgiving Service instituted by the late President

For the records, he never met with Late President Mills when he was the sitting president, but surprisingly, and ironically, Pastor Otabil filed past the body of the late President at the state house.

Contrary to the prophecy by Dr. Otabil that something evil may befall the nation in coming weeks, I would want to tell Ghanaians to ignore such metaphysical and earthly “signs” and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Dr. Otabil, last Sunday, had said, he could sense evil befalling Ghana within the next one month if Christians do not wake up and pray for the country.

And that if we don’t take charge of that, we would be in a different state, a month from now,”
Although I am not a highly metaphysical man, I find Dr Otabil’s doomsday mongering as a Joke.

What does it mean, and why do people like Dr Otabil of the ICGC want to predict this for mother Ghana because of election petition ?

But as children of mother Ghana, we should not be glossing over such false prophecies that an evil day would ever befall Ghana.

We don’t need to worry because taking a look at these ministers, who are predicting evil for Ghana, most of them are politicians in cassocks, who instead of doing the work of God, subtly use the pulpits to engage in partisan politics.

But I know that Christianity is the most popular religion in Ghana with a lot of mission schools scattered across the country, with around 85 per cent of Ghanaians identifying themselves as Christians and enjoying better life, Dr Otabil is being mocked at by Ghanaians, because they know he is thinking of his investments in Ghana.

Poverty, disease, and environmental degradation are the axis of evil, and has not befallen this nation and we know it would never come as these “turnabout” religious leaders want us to believe.

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