After All The Politics; Let Find Out who contaminated The Oil At BOST

Because of politics, we have all missed the opportunity to ask critical questions about the happenings at Bulk Oil Storage and Transport (BOST).

There are two critical questions we should all be asking, especially our politicians, the first is, how did the institution come to have the contaminated oil and secondly, who and who at BOST out of negligent or deliberately mixed petrol with diesel.

Politicians are quick to jump to conclusions for equalization and the opportunity to paint each other black, in order to derive political capital out of national issues.

Civil Servants, have always gotten away with crimes, because politicians prefer to smear each other and take the fall for the Civil Servants.

What happened at BOST, was a perfect opportunity for the nation to get to the bottom of the causes of contaminated oil, once and for all.

We do not have any company in this country, licensed to import contaminated oil, the oil does not get contaminated in transit, it only gets contaminated, once it is deposited at BOST.

It is our considered opinion that, there are some people, who have profited over the years, by deliberately contaminating the oil and selling it cheap.

In this country, where institutions of state do not function properly, how are we able to tell, if over the years, some of the contaminated oil, have not found their way into people’s cars, thereby destroying their engines.

Anyone found culpable after the eight member committee’s work, should not be spared, we should start making examples of Civil Servants, for others in the Ministries, Departments and other agencies of state, to know that, the fight against corruption is not only targeted at perceived political opponents.

The committee set up by the minister of energy, was also given a blank cheque, which is not good, we should not only be saddled with the terms of reference, we want to know how long the committee’s work will last, so the curious and expectant public can know when the committee, will finish its work.


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