After 100 Days, Is Live Fm Taking Over The Airwaves???


LIVE 91.9 FM the newly rebranded lifestyle station committed to accurate, unbiased and distinct news, and promotion of creative arts through soothing music and diverse programsthat appeal to the general public, is making a solid and resounding impact in the tight space that is radio in Accra.

After less than 100 days of operation, the station has already carved a creditable reputation for people-sensitive, and distinct sound. ‘The Lifestyle Radio’ is gaining popularity fast, and competitors have been forced to sit up, and rethink.

The station started transmission from 1st May 2013 andis located in the Dream House Complex opposite the Tesano Police station.

The formidable newsroom team, made up of mainly young and untested journalists, with a backbone of respected veterans provides hard hitting news at various hours of the day and often leads the capital with headline stories that other stations are yet to have picked up on. It thrives on producing in-house talen6t and voices, which are rapidly gaining respect.

Current affairs/entertainment/educationalprogrammes like the morning show TheLive Breakfast Club (LBC) were always going to have to be different to succeed, especially against the big boys. But with only three months of broadcast, it has already become a go-to product for listeners
wanting something alittle bit different, but just as good, if not better.

Fresh and exciting entertainment programs like Detour with the polished ‘new music’ market leader Giles Bossman, Route 91.9 with the effervescent and hugely popular Jeremy ‘Candylicious’, ENT Live with probably one of the best young producer/presenters in the business ‘Antoine 360’, and The Lifestyle café with the man of many parts, styles and moods, Kwame Faarkye, are simply in another league when it comes to Radio in the capital.

Saturday late nights are the exclusive preserve/province of the new Princess of Radio, and Live’s very own ‘Baby Gee’ who rocks the capital for three hours on Friday and Saturday nights in the company of two of Ghana’s foremost DJ talents Smith and Master J on the BPM Friday Fix, and Master Mix.

The station has somehow blended the new with the old in a powerful and engaging cocktail of diversity and style: guaranteeing something for everybody, but also making sure that what you get is worth listening to, all through the day and all through the night.

Ruddy Kwakye, provides a different kind of breakfast experience every Saturday morning, on……………………………….whilst, one of the best loved voices in broadcasting KSM, holds it down every Sunday morning on Live Inspiration. You can’t afford to miss the chance to get some Lover Rock into your veins in the early afternoon with King Bash, followed by George Brun, ‘the master, who provides ‘Essential Listening on Saturdays and Sundays.

‘Ahmed’ provides probably the best old school mix around on Sunday evenings, followed by a chance to wind down and get inspired with the calm soothing a very laid back voice and dulcet tones of Ms O ‘On the Upside’.

Did I forget to mention two major celebrity surprises that Live has managed to bring into the mix? How can we not feature a word about Van Vicker and Confidence on ………………………………………and Live Confidential. Both proving that celebrity can be built on, and talent can go in new directions, Van and Confidence bring a whole new dimension to 21st Century Radio, with programming designed for their unique styles and characters.

Who knew that socialite, personality, nightclub owner Confidence could be so charming, sensitive and warm as she is when dealing with peoples’ issues every night? And as for prolific actor, Film Director/Producer Van, well, he goes back to his first love, radio with a blend of music surprises and star interviews every Friday night on Live in the Capital.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Live FM has the only slot on radio where the listeners get to be the DJ on a unique request show called ‘Voice Notes’ which has turned Radio on its head and is a genuine creative inspiration, which the fans love.

So what next? Can they sustain the success and impact, and build on it? Or is this story just the first chapter in the Live Story….stay tuned to 91.9, keep listening and watch this space.


What makes Live FM, the right complement to the way the nation’s capital lives?

The station has the most experienced and astute of music programming, blending tastes, needs, aspiration, in a musical mix that simply covers the range of tastes that make up the metropolis.

From work to pleasure, from stress to relaxation, there’s something for everyone and at just the right time, when the Lifestyle station, knows you need it most.

The station has brought together some of the most respected broadcasters to present and represent the various lifestyle events in any given day. The complete package of presenters with vast experience built up over a number of years working both at home and in much more competitive radio environments like the UK and US, means that nothing gets left out, and only the best is served.

Their individual skills and broad range of experiences in the world of radio and music makes the ideal background to the day-to -day of the Capital city

Notable among the award winning personalities is the ‘A-List’ DJ/Presenter Giles Bossman known for his spectacular jingles and extraordinary choice of music. He hosts the “Detour” from Mondays to Thursdays from 7pm to 10pm that gives listeners a wide variety of genre and the latest music releases hot off the presses. His cockney/Ghanaian accent adds colour and appeal to ensure the complete ‘swag effect’.

You can’t forget or be without the versatile DJ and Presenter with over two decades of experience, award winning George Brun hosts “Essential Listening” on Saturdays and Sundays from 3pm to 6pm, and provides a subtle blend of styles, which is both eclectic and smooth. Like the name suggests, it really is essential listening.

Is any A list complete without Kwame Farkye, popularly known as Mr. Swift who hosts the mid-morning show “Lifestyle Café” and plays contemporary local and foreign music whilst delivering a variety of midday information conversations and information, that has quickly made him the ‘offices, banks and housewives’ favourite. His style continues to be laid back with one of the sexiest voices on the airwaves

The cream doesn’t stop there with the youngbloods coming up strong and making sure that all tastes are catered for- Ghana’s foremost MC’s /DJs Smith and Master Jay own the weekend nights,with grilling mixes and back to back hits, and DJ Bash controls Accra on Sunday afternoons with the best Lover’s Rock in the city.

The station has one of the hottest young entertainment presenter talents in Antoine and late Saturday morning is a must not miss with ENT, coming close on the heels of Ruddy Kwaakye on ………………………………….who sets up your Saturday morning breakfast listening with a unique contemporary sound, both modern and classy, and a humorous presentation that ensures a cheerful start to the day.

Live FM says what it means….this probably is, your lifestyle radio.


LIVE FM gives radio listeners comprehensive and credible news stories in Ghana and around the world, which is delivered by news anchors, Robert Israel, Natalia Andoh, Nana Appiah Acquaye, Norvan Kwaku Hayford Tina Moses, and Elizabeth Opoku.

The formidable newsroom team provides hard-hitting news at various hours in the day and current affairs.

The major news bulletin, News Watch is on from 6pm to 7pm from Mondays to Thursday which comprises segments like News Scan, on the scene reports
live interviews on developing issues, exclusive news leads, International News, UN News, Sports, and Business.

The Live News Report is at 1PM while news updates are also broadcast at various hours of the days; 7am, 8am, 10, and 3pm
Our reporters are current and up to date with news, entertainment and business.

The newsroom is supervised by a veteran journalist with magnificent skills of presentation, Kojo Mensah and assisted by Robert Israel and Napo Ali Fuseini.

Some of our reporters include, ,Jimaima Chime, Annabel Cobblah, Louisa Ankrah, Gabriel Amoako, Ekow Annan, MawuliKokobi, Tina Moses, Frank Gyimah and Gloria Mensah.

With its news slogan, BALANCE NOT BIAS, LIVE FM has established itself as the most listened to free-to-air radio station in Ghana.
The vision of the station is to be the best media station in Ghana, Africa, and beyond.


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