African Mining Accident Victims Petitions Chief Justice



Mr. Francis Korne Morkeh Miezah, an employee of the African mining services Ghana (Nzema site) a branch of African mining service (Ghana) Pty Ltd, a limited liability incorporated in Australia, is petitioning Her Ladyship, Chief Justice Georgina Theodora wood, to intervene on his behalf in a workplace accident which occurred two years ago.

Mr. Morkeh Miezah in an interview with the press at Half-Assini, stated among other things that, his appointed and confirmation letters as an employee of the above company, was dated on January 14, 2013 and July 14, 2013 respectively.

While operating as a pump attendant in the mining, he was involved in a fatal accident, which affected his spinal cord.

A Good Samaritan, he said, sent him to Axim Gov’t hospital on November 19, 2014, and when he was discharged from the hospital, a medical form from the Doctor on an excuse duty was issued to him which he presented to the company.

Due to the degree of injury, he said he was being paid a token salary, until August 21, 2015, when he was transferred from “a pump attendant to a
“blast crew” a position that required more energy.

Almost after each working day, he said he felt severe pains from his spinal cord, due to the accident.

Since the company never paid a particular attention to his treatment, he applied for a loan from individuals to defray his medical bills.

The accident victim, reiterated that when the issue was beyond his control, he reported to the district labour office for assistance. The Labour officer, invited him and the company, and after a fruitful discussion, he was sent to one Dr. Tawiah, a company doctor at the regional board.

Dr, Tawiah after assessing him, referred him to an Accra-based M.R.I SPINE specialist, and after his diagnosis, he furnished him with 70 percent compensation, as a final medical report on incapacitation on December 9, 2015.

A copy of that report was submitted to the company. He also indicated that there have been several invitation letters to meet with another medical board and none was honoured.

Those invitations, he said set him aback, for he suspected a foul play in that, a reliable hint has it that, there was a plan to suspend his salary, pay whatever amount they deem affordable to them as his incapacitated compensation and to terminate his appointment as well.

“At the moment due to my spinal cord injury, I am weak, and as a young man in this state of health, it would be difficult to fend for myself, let alone my dependants, lam therefore humbly petitioning Her Ladyship Chief Justice, who is a personification of justice and a mother of tender care to come to my aid” the poor accident victim lamented.

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