African Leaders Must Commit More Resources To End Infant Mortality – Mahama


President John Mahama has challenged his colleague leaders on the continent to commit more resources to child health-care and eradication of infant mortality.

“I challenge all of us to continue this progress and to address the issues of equity and also sustainability especially with those countries that are nearing graduation from Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI)support. Success rests with commitment at every level of society.I challenge all of us as partners especially my fellow leaders to dedicate ourselves in the same fashion to further strengthen our immunization programs and sustain the progress we have made thus far,” the President said.

President Mahama made these comments when he closed the Mid-term Review meeting of GAVI Alliance in Stockholm, Sweden.

The President also expressed satisfaction about the achievements made so far and called for a concerted effort to sustain the momentum.

“I want to congratulate GAVI, and the vaccine manufacturers reducing vaccine prices by 35% in just 3 short years is a tremendous accomplishment and this deserves to be recognized,” he added.

President Mahama assured GAVI of continuous commitment adding that leaders will not be victims of their own success since most “success stories lead to reduced commitments and reduced enthusiasm.

I look forward to continuing this journey with you as we shift our focus from reflecting on what we have achieved towards what lies ahead of us,” he added.

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