Africa Needs Competent People To Advance Its Course -AU Presidential Aspirant


An aspirant of the Africa Union Commission presidency, Agapito Mba Mokuy has asked the members and the leadership of the continent to elect leaders, who will advance the course of the African continent.

Mr. Mokuy, who is campaigning to be elected as the president of the Africa Union Commission (AUC);is the also the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Regional Cooperation of Equatorial Guinea, made this plea after he delivered a special message from the President of his country to President John Dramani Mahama in Accra.

He said, the Union as it stands is not pushing further the course of Africans and defending the course for which it was established by the founding fathers of the Union.

“Seriously the union is not an organization that permits regional integration of its people across the regional blocks’’.
According to him, the classification of Africa into Western, Southern, Eastern and Central Africa blocs must stop because it depicts colonialism.

These are all reasons that Africa is not achieving regional integration and cooperation over the years.

To correct these anomalies in achieving regional integration, the Union members must start electing competent people to man its offices.

The Union today must not be run as an office fifty years ago, it is about time the Union can boast of social media accounts to interact with its people.

This elected people, must understand and respect the founding principles of the Union as well as the structure of uniting Africa.

Africa must stop electing leaders to the Union on regional breakings but on competency, this how the president of the Union must be elected.

Mr. Mokuy, who was the Special Assistant to the President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, when he was the Africa Union Chairman, said he has the credibility to move the activities of the Union forward.

He gave the assurance that one of his top priorities would be financing of the activities of the Union, to be able to make the Union solid in its operations.

He questioned why the Union portrays itself as dependent on foreign aids, when one individual on the continent can fund the activities of the Union.

“An individual on the continent can dole out 20 million Dollars to fund the activities of the Union only if it gets its priorities right”, he said.

He maintained that one of the biggest threats to the security of the continent is to find jobs for the teeming African youthful population, as they represent 75 percent of the total population of Africa.

According to him, there are about 170 million youth on the continent and is about time the Union start putting up measures and structures across the regions to engage them.

His vision, is to expand the frontiers of the Union as he brings on board a wealth of eighteen years’ experience of working with international organizations across the world.

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