Aflao Chiefs & Youth Disown Ex-CID Boss


The chiefs and people of Aflao in the Volta region, have unanimously disowned and distanced themselves from a supposed enstoolment of the immediate past Director General of the Police Criminal Investigation Department (CID), COP Maame Yaa Tiwaa Addo-Danquah (Mrs) as a chief of the area.

The border town folks, particularly the youth who are unhappy about the purported chieftaincy title conferred on the former CID boss last Sunday in church at Accra, told The Herald in an interview that nobody in the area knows Mrs. Tiwaa Addo-Danquah.


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They doubted, if she had ever stepped foot on their soil before, let alone done any developmental project for them in the area to deserve such honour, as with a chieftaincy title, Ngorgbeyiyi Fia Mamaga Adzakpa I (Development Chief).

“Maame Tiwaa, has never done any development projects in Aflao, she has never set foot on Aflao land and we don’t need her for any development projects in Aflao”, the youth told this paper.

They accused one Superintendent David Hukportie, who is at the Narcotic Unit of the Police CID of being the cause of the problem by ambushing the chiefs who attended the church service.

According to the youth who are demanding apology, Superintendent David Hukportie, only invited some selected chiefs to Accra for his Thanksgiving Service at Perez Chapel, having been enstooled as Regent of one of the villages in the Aflao Traditional area.

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But he surprisingly enstooled the former CID boss at the church as a chief to the shock of many, especially the chiefs and other invited guests, who came all the way from Aflao, primarily for the service.

The senior police officer, the youth strongly clarified is not a Paramount Chief of Afloa, as claimed in some media reportage but rather, a regent of Togbui Anugbo of Avoeme a suburb of Aflao.

The locals insist, the border town and all its traditional jurisdiction “do not have any paramount chief by name Hukportsi” or Fiator Hukportie VIII.

The youth, have described the enstoolment as a sacrilege and disrespect to their revered culture and tradition, because chiefs are not enstooled at church. They argued that customarily, chiefs are not enstooled outside their traditional area, hence the purported chieftaincy title must be ignored as it’s a sham.

The ceremony was held at the Parez Dome in Accra last Sunday, January 26, 2020.

An online news portal,, reported that Superintendent David Hukportie, who is a serving policeman, revealed that it is in recognition of her contributions to the Afloa Traditional Area, commending her for her selfless efforts in promoting the area.

Explaining the rationale behind the chieftaincy title of the immediate past Director General of the CID, he noted among other things, her magnanimity and generosity to helping humanity.

” She is a Precious Jewelry to the chiefs and people of Afloa and we appreciate her contributions by making her not only a member of the family, but a royal to the Chiefs and People of Afloa”, he told a cheering crowd at the Parez Dome officiated by Presiding Bishop Charles Agyin-Asare.

In his sermon, he used the daughters of Zelophehad and emphasized power and uniqueness stressing that the five daughters boldly approached Moses, Eleazar the priest, the chiefs and all the congregation at the Tent of Meeting.

He explained that the daughters had faith as they trusted in God’s provision for them, did not live for the present. They had faith in God’s promises of a land to come and they had faith they could be used by God to bring about change.


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