Afari Gyan Deserve Commendation Not Condemnation


The Supreme Court, a fortnight ago, ruled that the Electoral Commission (EC) had violated the Constitutional Instrument in their preparation towards the District Assembly Elections.

This was after a fisherman from Cape Coast was disqualified and had to seek a relief or interpretation at the Highest Court of the land. The election, which was to be held on March 3, was postpone as a result of the ruling.

Many people, especially politicians who have an axe to grind with the EC, have given the ruling many interpretations; some even went to the extent of asking for the head of the Chair of the EC, Dr. Kwawdo Afari Gyan.

It is said that when it suits the devil, he quotes the Bible. We were in this country, when Barrack Obama, came to tell us about strengthening our institutions, instead of personalities. Both the two dominant political parties, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), hailed him and never hesitate to quote him, whenever it helps advance their argument.

What has changed now, that members of the NPP, including Members of Parliament (MPs) are calling on Dr Afari Gyan to resign or be sacked?

Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, after years of selfless and meritorious service, does not deserve the criticism and condemnation coming from this same people, who ought to know better.

He is probably the most insulted and vilified individual in this country. He had supervised elections that had the NPP win, as well as the NDC winning. Anytime any of the parties win, he is the best man for the job, anytime they lose, he is the devil’s incarnate.

We cannot go on running him down for a mistake committed by the EC as a whole.

We all subscribe to the rule of law; we should see the ruling, not as an indictment on the EC or its Chair, but rather as entrenching our democracy. The ruling should
remind us and excite us, that no institution or individual is above the law.

We should allow him to exit the EC with his head high, grateful that Ghanaians appreciated what he did for them.

We are still intact as a country, because of people like Afari Gyan, who does not give a hoot about anybody and will declare elections for any candidate, provided he is the one Ghanaians voted for.

We should rather be worried about who succeeds him.

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