AETOSWire Launches the First Online PressKit Service


AETOSWire, the news distribution arm of News Services Group (NSG) and the exclusive representative of BusinessWire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, in the Middle East and North Africa, launches the newest feature in its service, the Online PressKit.

The Online PressKitis an interactive pressroom that provides a full suite of valuable multimedia resources for journalists. It is an online resource-bankfor clients’ multimedia files such as press releases, profiles, biographies, videos, images, fact sheets, Q&As, audio clips, presentations, reports, and the like.

Mr. Tony AbiHanna, President and CEO of NSG, AETOSWire, and Esmaa News, said, “The Online PressKit service is our answer to the necessity of journalists to find enough information about a company’s news or event. We understand that press kits play a major influence in covering our client’s event, hencewe have streamlined the news gathering process for journalists by providing one centralized venue that contains all the essential information and materials they need.”

The Online PressKit is hosted on AETOSWire’s website that isclassified per client or company.   It allows journalists an unlimited access to clients’ press kits and download the necessary data in commonlyused and easily downloadable formatseven from their smartphones.Thus,  information is at their fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, to encourage coverage in other regions, the Online PressKitcontains conveniently translated information inthe region’s main languages of English, Arabic, and French so that journalists can read the information in their native language.Somedata and materials may even have more language translations for a much wider reach.

“We make every effort to provide turnkey solutions to our stakeholders’ communication requirements.  With the Online PressKit, weequip journalists with all the needed information to make compelling newsof events whilst putting the spotlight on our clients,” said Mr. AbiHanna.

AETOSWire’s Online PressKit followsits recently launchedAW Audio Alerts service, which is a personalized delivery of news releases to journalists in an audio format.

“In keeping with our commitment to service quality and innovation, our stakeholders can expect more pioneering services in the coming period,”Mr. AbiHanna assured.

* Source: AETOSWire



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