Adwoa Safo & Father Hijacking Mahama’s Projects For Votes


…..NDC Aspirant Cries Out

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Dome-Kwabenya, in the Greater Accra Region, has been accused of plotting a grand agenda to demonize government by claiming ownership of President John Mahama’s projects in the Constituency, as her personal initiatives with financial support from herself and her rich dad.

On the ground, many are said to be of opinion that, the Mahama government, has neglected the Constituency, hence the MP and her preacher father, Apostle Kwadwo Safo, are the ones constructing their roads, clinics, schools and other social amenities, including potable water, through their political generosity and religious benevolence.

According to the parliamentary candidate of the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC), Nurudeen Mohammed, the minds of the constituents, have been poisoned by the MP, and so any project that is undertaken in the Constituency by the government, is seen as being executed by the MP and Apostle Safo of the Christo Asafo Church.

He described the situation as unfortunate and asked that, the first time legislator, desists from the act adding, the MP and her followers, cannot blame the government for everything that goes wrong in the Constituency, but ready to hijack government’s projects just to score cheap political points.

“The unfortunate thing is that, when bitumen was put on the road the first time, the MP came out to say that she constructed the road and it became a contentious issue, but it was a government project. The point I am making is that she has no business with what is happening there”, the
parliamentary aspirant insisted in a phone interview with The Herald on Monday.

Nurudeen Mohammed, went on “and so if you come to the place and you speak to most of the people, they will tell you Adwoa Safo hasn’t done anything but at least for her to have done the road, they really appreciate it, which is not fair that is the misrepresentation, and I think that it is important that we point out those issues”.

The NDC man disclosed that “even now people still say that she and her father are constructing the road, asphalting the road, and it is so terrible. We cannot keep doing this and I think that it is not fair on the part of the government and especially me, the candidate”.

He continued “the same thing is happening at Pillar 2, whenever government starts any major road development, then you see their cars moving on the road with speakers on the road moving up and down telling people our candidate is constructing the road and is not fair”.

An incensed Nurudeen charged “It’s been going on for far too long and we have realized that this is something that is making the government unpopular on the ground and so this time round, I decided I won’t sit down aloof”.

Some major roads in Dome-Kwabenya Constituency are being asphalted. They had become very deplorable after just one year, when they were tarred.

The 16 kilometer road stretches from Dome to the Atomic Roundabout, all the way to Kwabenya. The Dome Market section of the road particularly, had been in a very terrible state due to the raining season.

The traders and residents, who are battling with dust and are afraid of respiratory issues, last week expressed delight when contractors were seen on the road, rehashing the roads.

He said, the asphalting of the road would bring a lot of relieve to motorists and residents, after many calls to authorities finally yielded result.
Contractors moved to site last Thursday, and already the 16 kilometer stretch of road, has had some 10 kilometers asphalted, leaving only 6 kilometers, which he hoped would be completed soon.

The MP aspirant said, the Constituency, which is a stronghold of the opposition NPP, has benefitted immensely from many projects under the Mahama-led administration.

He denied claims that the MP, a lawyer, was doing a lot of projects, saying the only project she has managed to embark upon are some boreholes she drilled, which she reportedly priced at a whopping GH¢29, 000 each.

The broadcast journalist turned-politician, touted some other projects in the Constituency under the auspices of President Mahama. They include the Dome market phase one and a Community Day Senior High (SHS) on the Ghana Atomic Road which is 90 percent complete. The Dome Market is completed and traders are expected to occupy it before the end of the year.

He also mentioned the Dome Pillar 2 road, the Abokobi road and a 100-bed hospital coming up in the Constituency.

The 25 kilometers Ghana Atomic Roundabout to Atomic Junction road, he said is next to be asphalted immediately the Dome-Kwabenya road is completed. Both jobs are being executed by the same contractor.

He delightfully mentioned the solved perennial water problem, especially at Ashongman, which has brought so much relief to residents after being at mercy of water tanker drivers for decades.

The former news anchor for Accra-based Metropolitan Television said, “I hope this time round at least, the constituents will look beyond just party lines, and give some credit to president. Because in Dome Kwabenya, half of the major roads like many other projects, has seen one of the massive developments”.

Personally, Nurudeen Mohammed, is on course to distribute over 200 streetlights to improve the security situation in the area. He intends to ensure that, the Mahama administration, continues the development projects in Constituency for the benefit of all and sundry when he becomes the MP.

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