Adenta Residents Cry Foul


…Over Lakeside Estate Harrassments

Residents of Adenta Japan Motors have expressed disgust about the continuous harassment by security land guards of Lakeside Estates, a real estate development company, who are supporters by some police officers at the Lakeside Police station.

Speaking to the Media at a press conference last Sunday, the residents who are also members of the New Adenta Landlords and residents association, accused the security guards of collaborating with the Police officers to invade their residence, demolish their houses and re-sell their lands to other prospective developers in the area.

According to the residence, the harassment has been going on for some time now and seems not to be ending soon, since the security guards have defied all warnings by the Accra High court, which has placed an injunction on the entire land, pending verdict.

Benlari Chambers, Awal, Landlord in the area in an interview with the press said on Tuesday August 27, around 8 am, he was in his house when the security men in Military uniform numbering about seven, arrived in their green Nissan Pickup and began to demolish his building.

“When they were satisfied with what they had done, they left and after 30 minutes, a Police officer Known as Corporal S.O Acheampong from the Lakeside Police Station, came to arrest me.

However, realizing the damage caused by the security guards to my building, he rather invited me to the police station to write my statement. When I got to the Police station, the Police woman in charge forced me into the cells without writing my statement and said I would only be released after the Managing Director of Lake side Estates, Ben Ayiko, had ordered them to do so.

I was kept in custody till 12 mid- night before I was released.

According to Seth Agyei Mensa, also a landlord, the security men have been campaigning in the area for residents to register with the Lake Side estates and pay an amount of GH¢10, 000 each, in order to have their documents regularized.

“At this time of economic hardship, where are we going to have this money, however, we are aware that the land does not belong to Lake Side Estates, but the La Mantse. This is why the issue is pending at the Accra High court for determination. We can’t pay any money to them again.

Since we came here, several people have come with force in the name of land Title Holders and taken our money for free. They come and claim ownership of the land and when they end up getting what they want, they leave and another people emerge. That is what they are doing again. We have lived here for more than 15 years and why should Lake Side come and harass us here”, he said.

According to the Chairman of the Association, They reported the case to the Member of Parliament for Adenta Constituency, Mr Emmanuel Ashie Moore, who warned the security details of Lakeside Estates Company, to desist from harassing and abusing the rights of residents and wait for the final determination of the court case with the La Mantse Nii Kpobi Tetteh Tsurum, but the warning has fallen on death ears.

The warning came in the wake of numerous complaints by residents of the community about the constant harassment by the security guards. Besides the fact that we have sent petition to the Minister of Interior, copied to the Inspector General of Police(IGP), the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, office of the President and various district police offices to inform them about the constant harassment of the security men and we expect something to be done about it.

It will be recalled that The MP for Adenta, Emmanuel Ashie Moore, In August summoned the chief security of Lakeside estates, Sergeant Abubakar to his office in an open meeting and demanded why his men were harassing residents.

In the said meeting which was also attended by this reporter, Sergeant Abubakar, denied ever assigning his men to the area to harass residents
According to the Residents, the security men in military uniform numbering about 10 usually use a green Nissan Pickup and are usually seen using handcuffs.

“We have lived here for more than 15 years. We bought the land rightfully from the chiefs and people of Adenta, so we don’t understand why they are now coming to disturb us.

All of us are aware that there is a case pending at the Fast Track High Court 3 between Lakeside estates and La Mantse Nii Kpobi Tetteh Tsuru, the Paramount chief of La over the same piece of Land.

Besides, there is a high court injunction on the land and the court has warned them to desist from harassing us, but they wouldn’t listen. They claim they have the money to penetrate.

Based on the incessant complaints by the residents, The MP summoned the chief security, WO1 Abubakari on June 26, 2013, to explain why his men were harassing his people.

When questioned, Sargent Abubakar, denied authorizing any of his security men to harass the residents.

He also denied his men were writing ejection notices on people’s walls.

Wo1 Abubakari, who was recorded on tape also confirmed that there is a case pending at the high court, between lakeside and the LA Mantse on the same land and as a result, an injunction has been placed on the entire land.

He, however, failed to answer why his security men wear military uniforms to patrol the area and why the lakeside security company is not registered as a recognized security company by the Ministry of the Interior.

He also confirmed that lakeside, has a sort of collaboration with the Adenta Police, but that was not to brutalize residents. His statement, however, did not go down well with the MP and some of the residents in the area who had gathered at the meeting.

The residents claim the harassment was a collaboration between the security personnel and the Police and that should stop.

The MP, informed WO1 Abubakar that all stakeholders have been made aware of what they are doing to residents in the area, and that they would be held responsible if anything happens in the area to destabilize national and public peace.

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