Ade Coker Is A Brand New Second Hand Girl


I am not a happy man today, I am sad because over weeks ago the unthinkable and unimaginable happened, an election that was to mark the beginning of something new, was sacrificed on the altar of ‘monecracy’.

If you are a supporter of Chairman Ade Coker, you won’t find this epistle palatable, so please stop reading. But if you have finished jubilating, you can read on and realize what a great disservice your support has done and if you are a delegate your vote did to the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

All well-meaning members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), anxiously waited and prayed until that faithful Saturday, hoping that at long last, Greater Accra, will have fresh limps and a new breed of leadership, devoid of rancour and immaturity, their hopes were, however, dashed when after counting it emerged that Chairman Ade, has been retained as the Chairman of the Greater Accra Region..

Equally, my anticipation and anxiety was cut short and painfully so, when against all odds and expectation, what was not to be, became a reality.

The delegates, who on that faithful Saturday, who cast their votes for Ade for whatever the motivation was, took the party five years back. My anger and frustration is not borne out of hatred, I am not a delegate and so like they say the anger of the powerless is useless, and so my anger will not yield even one vote.

An old English law says that a dog has the right to its first bite. But does it have the audacity to a second bite? …Unless it transforms itself from a dog into a lion while remaining, for all intents and purposes, an overfed cock.

I do not envy Chairman Ade, he earned the right to be where he is, he has worked so hard for delegates to think he was the best man for the job in 2009, what am doing is a greater service than the interest of one man and in this instance Chairman Ade.

Speaking the truth lately and drawing the attention of our political leaders to the grumblings of majority of their followers has unfortunately landed me in trouble lately, where I have had threats of law suits. Dissent is misconstrue to mean you are against the system or somebody, when all I was doing and will continue to do, is to bring to the attention of leaders, what the people on the ground think about them.

In the history of the party (NDC), the number of law suits experienced in the run up to the Constituency elections in the Greater Accra was unprecedented. Chairman Ade, had in a bizarre letter, prescribed medication for all kind of ailment. Candidates were disqualified from contesting, but the letter sent to them was the same worded letter to all of them.

In every fair contest, which is governed by rules not everybody, will pass the test; some people will definitely be disqualified, especially now that the NDC has
become so attractive, due to the leadership style of President John Dramani Mahama. So it was expected that prospective candidate will be disqualified, the best way to assuage them and still get their support as there is a bigger opponent to fight. Unfortunately Chairman Ade, rather robbed it in for most people, who have sacrificed for the party since its formation.

2016, is going to be one of the difficult elections NDC will face, as things on the ground is not as rosy as expected. The President, John Mahama and his able men and women are doing everything humanly possible to make life better for Ghanaians. Sacrifices are been made, but Ghanaians since time immemorial have always asked for their cake too early in the day, that is why the opposition is whipping the government against the citizens.

For things to get better, it must get worse and what the Government is doing is to attain sustainable achievements that will outlive it. Unfortunately Ghanaians are impatient and I plead that they have faith and trust in President Mahama.

He did not take the oath of office to make life unbearable forUS; he is on track in making this country a better place for every Ghanaian.
President Mahama needs the support of everybody, especially the executives of the party.

Greater Accra is a swing region, it could go either way, since 1992, any political party that wins Accra goes on to win the General election. This means whoever leads the region as it Chairman, must be one who will be able to rally everybody in the region. As things stand, Chairman Ade, is superintending over a divided region than he came to meet it.

Is Chairman Ade the right person for the region, I do not think so, but the delegates for very obvious reasons decided that he should continue the work he started.
I doubt what new ideas the man have or how beneficial he will be to the fortunes of the party and the President in the 2016 elections.

If anything at all, I hope the opposition he had in the contest, will awaken him to the dangers ahead and how bad people think his stewardship was. I hope he is able to rally everybody on board, time is of essence and what happened in the run up to the regional congress, questions his credentials as a leader.

I hope he will enjoy his leadership, while it lasts. After all, he is nothing more than what Peter Tosh called a brand new second hand girl.

Please, Chairman Ade don’t sue me, this is coming from somebody who wishes the NDC well!

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