ADB Workers Are Ungrateful


We woke up yesterday to hear news of workers of one of the best performing state financial institutions crying for the blood of their Managing Director (MD), Steven Kpordzih and the Board.

Per our observation of the sector, ADB is one of the banks that have shared what it has created as a state performing bank with its workers.

Under the leadership of the current MD, the bank, has been able to acquire its own ultramodern head office complex along the prime Accra -Novotel hotel to 37 Military Hospital roads, near the National Theatre.

Even though the inauguration of the office has delayed, we are informed it would be inaugurated by the middle of this year.

We think that the scenario where a few disgruntled workers hold press conferences or issue anonymous letters calling for the head of their management without any evidence whatsoever must stop.

We are of the view, that these needles exercise, has over the years destroyed the hard worn reputation of people.

These actions prevent well- meaning people from venturing into the public service.

The action of the ADB workers, must be condemned in no uncertain terms as these same workers commended the success of the bank.

At this time where some state banks are collapsing and losing its experienced hands to their competitors, Mr Kpordzih was able to make the ADB attractive and the bank attracted experienced hands for the smooth operation of the bank.

The workers of the bank must learn to appreciate the efforts of their managers in this trying economic down turn that has hit most banks, resulting in acquisitions and mergers.

These actions that are prevalent in the public sector must not be encouraged, since, it contributes to people sleeping on the job, instead of contributing their quota for nation building.

The Herald is of the view that these negative activities have contributed to well-meaning people, who can make a change, shy away from the public sector.

These have left all public sector jobs in the hands of mediocre people, who parade themselves as managers of government institutions across the country.

The workers must leave above reproach and not engage in these frivolous actions.

The actions of ADB workers last Monday April 27, was shameful and the faceless individuals behind this action must be exposed to serve as a deterrent to workers in other government institutions.

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