Adaklu Schools Study Under Mango Tree


Worried Kwame Agbodza Cries For Gov’t Support

The rate of infrastructural deficit in the newly created Adaklu District of Volta Region, has put exposed some schools and the students to the vagaries of the weather, leaving students studying under trees.

What is extremely shocking is that most schools structures, were constructed through the efforts of the people in the area and this has been happening for several years.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Kwame Agbodza, who was not happy about the developments expressed deep disappointment to see pupils studying under trees in his district, during a two days visit to some basic schools in the district to identify what is causing the poor performance of students in their previous Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) exams.

Addressing the stakeholders and media, the MP disclosed that “some of the areas I visited, I was surprised that there was not a single school building, the people themselves built them and this has been happening for years”.

The MP stated that reports available to him indicates that his district is one of the areas that often score zero in the BECE. “We are getting the worst grades at the JHS level”.

He said, “if you can notice, I’m concentrating on the basic schools now, we have a programme to rollout some basic infrastructure at the nursery and primary levels, but we need to tackle the most pressing issues right now”.

Mr. Agbodza, who presented fifty Better Ghana Laptops and three thousand exercise books to about eighteen Junior High Schools (JHS) in the district to support and promote quality, teaching and learning at basic schools said “my top priority is education”.

He said, “we are not saying health care delivery is not important, we are not saying water supply is not important, but we believe that education comes first, before everything else”.

According to him, the whole idea about his two days educational assessment tour was to assess the situations and get first hand information on the ground for necessary attention and solution, but not to sit down and read about these challenges in the media.

“I’ve come here to see the facilities, talk to teachers and talk to students, so that I can have better idea of finding out how we can solve these challenges”.

He has also presented some academic materials, including refrigerator, gas cookers, cylinders and specially designed ovens to the only Senior Secondary School in the district, Adaklu Senior High School to enable the school start Home Economics and Visual Art courses for the 2014/15 academic year.

The school for the past twenty years, has been running only three programmes, namely; Agriculture, General Art and Business.
Head Master of the school, Mr. Godwin Kwaku Adzimah, was grateful to the MP for the donations and assured the Legislator to use the items for the purposes they were donated for.

The beneficiary schools include; Adaklu Buadi L/A JHS, Adaklu Waya E.P JHS, Adaklu Torda JHS, Adaklu Kpatove District Assembly JHS, Adaklu Ablornu JHS. Others are, Adaklu Sikaman JHS, Adaklu Hlehave JHS, Adaklu Kordiabe JHS and Adaklun Torda JHS.

He also interacted with Teachers, pupils, Parents and other stakeholders on how best the students could be assisted to produce best results in the district.

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