Ada Returns To Limelight ‘Stronger And Fearless’


Source: Ghana | | GNA

The female radio presenter who made the news last year for an alleged abduction and gang rape has popped up into the limelight, working towards an ambitious project to end stigmatization of mentally challenged persons.

The presenter on Takoradi-based YFM, Ada-Adaeze Onyinyechie Ayoka, aka Ms Ada, says contrary to expectations that the controversy about her alleged rape and abduction would cower her, she is strong and fearless.

“I don’t really get people pointing fingers at me. People get a bit excited when they see me because I am not having a pity party, I am not like so broken down and sad; don’t know what to do or crying and all begging. I am up and about in charge and taking care of my life so a lot of times when people see me they are just amazed but they hardly make me out anyway. But when they manage to make me out, it becomes a huge fun.”

Ms Ada spoke to exclusively on Monday.

Nude photos of the presenter suggesting she was being gang raped circulated on social media last year. It later emerged she had been abducted after her employers reported her disappearance.

However, police say their investigation reveals the whole incident was staged, a claim the sweet-talking YFM presenter refutes.

She said she is waiting for her day in court, lamenting “I don’t know why police have not taken me to court,” to bring closure to the issue.

Meanwhile she said the unfortunate incident has not affected her work as a presenter on a relationship-themed radio programme.

She explains “I took a long break, to take care of myself because you need to be ready. When you come back to the media you know they are going to be hitting you here and there with all of that so you should be all prepared for them so I took some time off.”

She explains at some point in the whole chaos, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but the stigmatization she suffered after the diagnosis influenced her decision to advocate for respect for mentally challenged people.

Bipolar Disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels.

“I figured that I am going to take care of mentally challenged people and probably speak for them so that is why I am putting up ‘Mister and Miss Accra Psychiatric’,” she said.

The pageant, slated for May 2 at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital is aimed at showing people what mentally challenged people can do. The Accra Psychiatric inmates would be a singing and dancing competition, she said, promising the event would give audience a different perspective about mentally challenged people.

She also also hopes to use the pageant to raise funds for the psychiatric hospital.

Ms Ada wants people who have gone through a similar situation like hers to make a conscious effort not to give up on life.

“The one important thing you have to think is about is: what is God saying about you? He hasn’t taken your breath so it means he wants you to still
live so you move on and stop worrying about what people are saying or writing about you. Me I am fearless now I feel strong. Nothing breaks me right now,” she says.

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