Ace Ankomah Should Spare Us The Sermon


‘Obi nkyere akoda nyame’, to wit, no one teaches a child who God is, is a saying in our local parlance.

The outburst of Ace Annan Ankomah, at the Citi Business Forum, last week sounded similar to the attitude of members of Scripture Union (SU) put up back in Senior High School.

It is either you are with them, worship with them, or you are seen like the son or daughter of the devil. Ace’s anger was because; some people are questioning, not the propriety of building the national cathedral, but rather where they are planning to site it.

He said “When people talk about the church and that the church does not deserve land in Accra to build a cathedral that sits only 5,000 people and that they should find a place for us at motorway as if we are cursed lepers.

“They forget that the vast majority of the best schools in Ghana were built by the church. Mfantsipim, Wesley Girls, Saint Peters, why do they have a saint in their names?”

“Some of the best hospitals have been built by missions and all we want is a land on which we will build as our thanks to God for placing us on this land they say to take them to somewhere in Dodowa, take them to somewhere else. They should bring them to my hometown in Achiase, we will welcome you,” he added.

I am beginning to think religion, as entrenched in this clime, runs against the grains of reality in the growth of this country and in a sense it emasculate the liberty of thoughts and adventure in progressive minds.

Would we be less Godly or less blessed, if we do not build this national cathedral or if we relocate it to other parts of the country?

If we want to copy hook, line and sinker, from what pertains elsewhere, we should do that with some appreciation of our problems.

The president, Akufo-Addo, announcing the need for the National Cathedral, said he was inspired by what he saw in Washington DC in the United States of America (USA).

The question, he should have asked himself , before the proposal was, at what stage in their national life or development, did they build the cathedral?

Already, there is oversubscription of faiths in the land littered with more places of worship than industries.

Ghana is a religious country, nobody will be against any decision to build a national place of worship, but do you build a cathedral, at the time you have not been able to successfully build one factory in a district, as promised.

How many factories can the amount which we are yet to be told by the Board of Trustees build? We are here dozing off at noon in the dawn of a new century.

The president in March last year, broke ground for the construction of the National Cathedral for work to begin, one year later, we don’t know how much it is going to cost.

The promise of one village, one dam, how many dams have been built and yet we are thinking of a cathedral. Some gifts to God are curse, because you cannot give to God, what you have not given to your fellow man.

Unemployment is now a security threat, your citizens compete with animals for drinking water, preventable diseases are killing your people, bad roads are claiming more lives through accidents than any one single disease and your priority is to build a National Cathedral.

As a president, you can be thankful to God for fulfilling your childhood ambition, but what about millions of others, whose dreams can never come through because of bad decisions taken by leaders like you.

We are adrift from transforming this land of immense blessings; the questions are still relevant. What influences and rules our mind? What blinds us to the stack realities on ground in sharp contrast to our dreams and hopes; time after time?

God knows he has blessed this country to the envy of many, who are ahead in terms of development. Instead of building National Cathedral which will add to the noise that is already blocking our prayers, we should bow down and work hard, let us take commonsense to the higher ground of reasoning and stop calling the Almighty’s name in vain-glorious demand.

You spend tax payers money to travel to the USA, of all the things that this country can benefit from learning from them, all you saw and thought worthy of emulation, was a cathedral.

What about first class roads, factories, giant edifices, opportunities available for their people, functioning state institutions etc, and our president ignored all these things, I don’t know how short the cathedral in Washington was, but God have mercy on us. The mind indeed is a terrible thing to waste.

We are always where we started, the same music, same dance steps and our usual dance in euphoria of prayers of seeming efforts in reality. Boy! Do we like to revel in nothingness, but when the dust settles, we will be back to where the journey started in the first place.

Dear Ace, the church has built schools and hospitals is never in doubt, but the church got the money from the offerings and tithes of members.

We cannot praise the church for using money collected us to build schools, the money did not drop from heaven, no church goes to God’s bank to cash money, so he must spare us the sermon.

He doesn’t know God than the rest of us.

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