Accepting SC Verdict Is Obligatory – CSOs


Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), have urged parties in the 2012 Presidential Election petition to accept the Supreme Court verdict in good faith, since it is an obligation imposed on them to do so.

The groups said, the parties have the right to litigate if they disagree with Court’s verdict; however, accepting the verdict on the election petition is an obligation and accords respect for the rule of law.

The call was contained in a joint statement issued by the Civic Forum Initiative (CFI) and other civil society organisations and signed by Professor Miranda Greenstreet, Co-Chair of Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO), ahead of the August 29 Supreme Court’s verdict on the 2012 Presidential Election petition.

Professor Miranda Greenstreet said, though the parties have an obligation to accept the Supreme Court ruling that does not preclude their right to go for a review if any of them so wishes.

She said, the CSOs have confidence in the leadership of the two main parties to demonstrate the genuineness of their commitment to constitutionalism, the rule of law and Ghana’s democratic development by accepting the verdict.

The groups expressed confidence in the ability of the Supreme Court panel adjudicating the election dispute to deliver a fair and just verdict.

They also expressed the hope that the security agencies would exhibit professionalism in maintaining peace and order and appealed to the media to be cautious, responsible and professional in their reportage in the days leading to and after the ruling.

Professor Greenstreet said, Ghanaians must stand united to preserve the peace and stability of the nation while at the same making the necessary efforts to deepen the collective democratic governance and development.

“Africa, indeed the whole world, is watching to see how Ghanaians deal with the aftershocks of the Supreme Court’s ruling and we must not fail,” Professor Greenstreet said.

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