Abossey Okai Gradually Becoming An Arena For Cheating


If you own a car and you have not visited Abossey Okai this year, thank God, if you have, you will relate to our editorial today.

Abossey Okai, is becoming like the Wall Street of the United States of America (USA), which has proven over the years, to be a breeding ground of all that is negative about USA, it produces the good, the bad and the ugly.

We all do business for the purposes of profit, but how do you balance that against your moral persuasion is very important. How much profit is too much of a profit, is a debate that we are not about to ignite, but we are getting increasingly worried about, how prices of spare parts are skyrocketing at Abossey Okai.

It is true that, the economy is not performing as we all expect and the government has admitted that, and is doing everything humanly possible to put it back on the right footing.

Spare part dealers at Abossey Okai, have also decided, despite the prevailing economic conditions to squeeze water out of stone, by deliberately increasing spare parts prices astronomically, without regard to our condition.

Every day, prices kept going up, last year or two years ago, there was justification for it, because of the fluctuation in our currency.

The cedi was losing value and so they needed so much cedis to buy dollars in order to import and so it was understandable, when prices of spare parts were increased.

The situation with our currency, has normalized, so what is the reason and the excuse this time around, except sabotage.

When you inquire why prices are escalating, they will tell you the economy is hard, yet they expect car owners to conjure magic to buy spare parts to fix their broken cars or replace some parts.

As a people, we must learn to empathize with each other, instead of using our position to cheat them.

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