Abodakpi Outlines Plans For NDC Youth And Women’s Wings


Mr. Dan Abodakpi, an aspiring National Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has promised the Youth and Women’s wings of the party of a comprehensive plan towards their development.

He said well thought-out plans that would make the two wings more active, and promote the welfare of their members, would be rolled out under his chairmanship.

Mr Abodakpi, who outlined his plans for the two groups in a solidarity message to the NDC Youth and Women’s Wings, ahead of their conferences on December 6, promises that under his chairmanship both wings would be made to develop annual programmes that would be budgeted for by the party to resource them to function more purposefully to advance the achievement of the party’s social democratic goals.

Apart from the provision of logistics and financial support to fund the activities of the two groups, he indicated that opportunities for education, entrepreneurial skills development, business activities, scholarship and mentorship, would be provided for their members across country.

He also intends to promote the establishment of a party school to provide a platform for the effective training of NDC members, particularly the youth, on the core social democratic values of the party, as well as general democratic and governance principles.

That, he believes would help in developing the talents of the youth to enable them to contribute more meaningfully to the progress of the party.

“An-Abodakpi chaired NDC will ensure that the party’s structures are redefined to enable the youth and women wings play more active roles in the operations of the party,” he assured.

He said the situation where groups, particularly the youth and women, are used as election machines, would not be tolerated under his watch as chairman of the ruling NDC.

According to the former Trade and Industry Minister, it is regrettable that the youth and women groups have suffered neglect after elections over the years, saying he is determined to change the trend.

“The welfare of the members of the youth and women’s wings and their development will be central in my administration,” he said.

He urged the members of the two wings who are desirous of witnessing significant changes in the affairs of the party, to vote for him to bring about that change, most of which would be in the interest of the youth and women in the NDC.

He wished the aspirants vying for leadership positions in the two wings, best tidings, and also urged the delegates to vote wisely.

He assured the two groups that he was ready to work with their leaders towards advancing their interests that would culminate in the general progress of the party.

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