Abodakpi Calls For Issue-Based Campaign In NDC


Dan Abodakpi, an aspiring Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has launched his campaign website with a call for an issue-based campaign for the leadership positions in the ruling NDC.

“This election has to be based on issues on how to enhance the fortunes of the party.

“I call on the delegates to be discerning, and not to be deceived with gifts from aspirants,” he said, adding that it was critical to question the aspirants on their plans to address challenges facing the party.

Launching the website, www.danabodakpi.com, at his campaign office in Accra, Mr. Abodakpi, who is a former Ghana’s Ambassador to Malaysia, said the fortunes of the party must not be allowed to decline further.

The website provides the platform for sharing of information and interaction with party members on his vision and plans for the party.

According to the former Trade and Industry Minister, the delegates have the key to saving the party, and that making the wrong choices would be detrimental to the party.

“Our delegates should know that selling their votes for handouts from aspirants will destroy the party,” he said.

In addition, he said, “let us focus on the issues that we need resolve to make our party better for all of us.”

Touching on his vision for the party, Mr. Abodakpi said his prime aim is to reconnect the party to its mass base, and drive the party in accordance to its core values of grass root participation

“We have to save the party from further losing touch with the mass of cadres and grassroots members who have sacrificed for it over the years,” he said.

He said he has the ability change the trend and to lead for the progress of the party, and called for the support of the delegates.
Mr. Abodakpi, reiterated his stance against accepting appointments by the President to any public position, when voted into office.

According to the former Trade Minister, he is convinced that that would help in protecting the integrity of the party’s leadership in driving the growth of the party.

“I stand by my position that I will not take up any post to be chairman or member of any Board, or head any public institution,” he said.
He explained that other executives were free to accept such appointments, “but I as the chairman have to protect the integrity of that office.”

That, he said, was important because the acceptance of an appointment by the President, compromises the integrity of the Office of the party chairman.

That, he said should not be misconstrued to mean that he would be attacking the President when voted into power.

“Rather, I aim at having a symbiotic relationship with the President, who is the leader of the party,” he added.

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