Ablekuma Central MP In Trouble Over Astro Turf Project


Plans by the Member of Parliament (MP) for Ablekuma Central Constituency in the Greater Accra Region, Ebenezer Nartey, to construct astro turf pitch in his Constituency is being fiercely opposed by the youth of Town Council Line – Laterbiokorshie, a suburb of Accra.

The youth are up in arms against the first time lawmaker, following repeated pronouncement that he was going to develop the only available land in the community, and has since sent people to the land to take the necessary measurement and gather other important information important for the commencement of the project to displeasure of the youth.

The angry youth, have advised their MP, Ebenezer Nartey, to stay off the only land in the interest of peace, failure to which they have vowed, he would be violently resisted.

It would be recalled that few weeks ago, the Director of Operations at the seat of government, Lord Commey, commissioned a similar facility at Losso Park at Sukura in the same Constituency.

The facility comprised a 500 seater spectator stand, changing rooms and washroom, proper drainage system, a conference hall, a gym and flood light, which will be useful in many ways to the Ablekuma Central Constituency.

Speaking at the event, the MP, Ebenezer Nartey, reportedly assured resident his intention to construct similar facility at the Town Council Park by 2019.

What was expected to be a welcome news, has rather rattled the feathers of the youth, who are rejecting the MP’s initiative.

Their disagreement is that, the said parcel of land being targeted by the MP, is the only land left in the community for sporting and recreational activities.

“Every space in the community designed for recreational purposes, has either been encroached upon or has been occupied and so allowing the only park left, to be used for astro turf, will mean that, there will be none left. This is not right, because we all know how astro turf pitches are managed.

It is for individuals not the community in the sense that, it is always fenced and under lock and key. If allowed to be situated at where he is proposing, it will mean we cannot have our regular matches, we will not be able to use the pitch 24/7 or as and when we want. Opening it for activities, will mean we have to pay fees which we do not have”.

They cited examples in other communities where ownership of the facility, has become a problem “Everywhere this astro turf has been developed, there is a problem over there. There’s a problem of ownership or management. The recent ones are the Asamoah Gyan built at Accra Academy School and the one at Kotobabi”.

The youth also gave another reason why the MP, must not be encouraged to use the said land, saying “All the spaces left have been encroached or structures have been put on. It is a complete denial of our peace”, some of the youth who want to remain anonymous told The Herald.

They are worried allowing the land to go, will also mean that, they will have no open space for parties, funerals, prayers or even converge, in the event that any natural disaster such as flood strike.

“That is where we do our funerals, parties, pray over there; we do every outdoor activity in the community there. Even if there is disaster like tsunami, that’s where we are going to converge”, one of them said to The Herald.

The youth, who are organizing themselves to stage series of demonstrations and activities are advising their MP to stay off the land for peace to reign.

They accused the MP, of being stubborn as several pleas and explanations from the elders about the inconveniences his plans will have on the residents, have fallen on deaf ears.

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