Abibiman Foundation Celebrates Women On International Women’s Day


International Women’s Day 2018 is an opportunity to transform this momentum into action, to empower women in all settings, rural and urban, and celebrate the activists who are working relentlessly to claim women’s rights and realize their full potential and a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

Time is now: Rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives”, the objectives of this year’s International Women’s Day event is to join the momentum of empowering women, especially in the rural areas to realize their full potential in contributing to nation building.

Expanding access to Energy efficient and clean cooking stoves is essential to reducing the negative impact of firewood on health and on the environment.

One of the effort to reduce the energy gap in the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) is to providing cookstoves for poor women.

We can’t simply reach our goal of reducing emissions if women are still fighting for sustainable energy but with a simple metal insert that turns a traditional mud cook stove into a High Efficiency Cook stove (HEC).

The Rural women always spent significant amount of time gathering firewood on a daily basis and suffer from excessive smoke inhalation which often cause terminal disease and illness over time. Poverty is gender biased. The share of women among the older poor is 64%. Malnutrition affects women health. We call for gender budgeting in all sector.

Having learned from previous experience of providing gas cylinders and coal pot to rural women who ended up putting it away as it was expensive and unrealistic to use in their locality, Today we share with the Ningo-Prampram District Assemblyour latest innovation ~ the clean cook steel. The equipment reduces smoke emission by 89%, firewood usage by 63% and reduces the general cooking time.

Abibiman Foundation has contributed tremendously in creating awareness about our Planet and Human health in Ghana and we have been at the forefront of many advocacy campaigns.

Abibiman Foundation works mainly focuses on influencing government policies and changing national attitude through policy campaigns, media publications, information sharing, sensitization and education in the local communities

Distribution of 100 Abibiman MA Cookstove – a simple but efficient metal insert that drastically reduces firewood usage and smoke as well as increase cooking time for rural women – to participants’ households.

A formal presentation was made by Kenneth Nana Amoateng, the Executive Director of Abibiman Foundation to Hon Jonathan Teye Doku, the DCE of Ningo-Prampram District Assembly. With the support from IDEASFORUS the item was donated to majority of the women and households in the Buerko , Akwaba and La Kpleku Village and illustration was conducted by our Team of staff and volunteers.

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