A Word Of Open Caution To The NDC – Some Decisions Can Affect Us In 2020



The political jostling of late is gradually building some tension in the country andso far the provocations as expected are coming from the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP); the recipient being the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Ayawaso Wuogon West Constituency by-election of January 31, 2019, was not a precursor act of provocation and aggression, but a major one. One does not need to relive what happened on that day which apart from local condemnations – attracted international condemnations as well.

On the heels of this came a recording allegedly containing the voice of the National Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, which case is now in court.

Following it currently is the invitation to the same Chairman, alleging he has been mentioned by some ‘suspects’ the Police is holding in connection with the presently recorded fire outbreaks and kidnappings that have bedeviled some cities of the country.

This latest development is what has triggered this write up which is borne out of my fear for the NDC’s anticipated VICTORY in the coming 2020 general elections. It is also borne out of a similar fear for a possible political explosion if the NDC maintains our decision not to cooperate with state agencies any longer. I am a proud member of the Party, and like it or not – l am disappointed at the way this latest issue has been handled.

Truth be told, that the Council of Elders who hurriedly organized a press conference to state the Party’s position that the Chairman will not honour the invitation by the police, did not do much pre-meditation on the issue. And to be blunt, it was not the best of decisions. It was a WRONG one.

Leadership of the NDC ought to know, just as former President Kufuor cautioned the NPP in the run-up to their presidential primaries in 2007; that it is the floating voters in this country which determines a party’s victory – so must the NDC consider same. The NDC must know that it is not core membership of the Party that can ever secure victory for us. It is the floating voters that determine.

This category of voters are mostly within theconservative business/commercial community who normally look at who can bring PEACE to guarantee a congenial environment for them to go about their businesses without let or hindrance. And if they don’t see that positive signal they will not move out of their homes to the polling stations, let alone to vote.

The press conference of Thursday, May 9, 2019, was indeed needless due to the message that emanated from it. The message was to set an alarm bell that this country is likely to blow up. Why? Because if we say we will not cooperate with state agencies, it means where justifiably necessary – they will have to apply force, and when that happens there will be mobilized ‘forces’ of resistance. Only God knows where that can lead us – CHAOS!

What leadership of the NDC should know is that the January 31, 2019, acts of brutality by the sitting government, warmed the electorate’s hearts towards us including level headed NPP sympathizers. They are looking at us to give them hope – but I don’t think the press conference in reference here, did that. It would have still been better for us to allow the Chairman to acknowledge and honour the CID’s invitation. By so doing, a cross-section of the citizenry who are not partisan in nature, would have seen and identified the aggressor and the law-abiding party in Ghana.

The Party could have done the above – and then start a serious advocacy for the removal of C.O.P Maame Tiwaa, since she is a BIGGER culprit of a similar leaked recording she is investigating. She has no moral compunction to preside over such investigations. This should have been our position.

It is not too late for the Council of Elders to rescind their decision and allow the National Chairman to meet the CID. If we stand on the pedestal of ‘non-compliance’, remember we are looking for political leadership – NOT POWER.They will do same to us and only GOD, again knows where that will send us.

I am afraid, but must frankly state that the hot blood boiling in the youth now, is just waiting for a trigger and we shall be slaughter like game. This is my genuine fear for the country and we must not mimic the NPP to start it.

When I see the beautiful children of Ghana in schools and everywhere, it concerns me that this beautiful country should not be set ablaze due to partisan politics.

My harmless opinion/advice.

Camillus Maalneriba-Tia Sakzeesi

(A Cadre/NDC activist)



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