A Week Of Deaths And Resignations

The political crisis in South Africa, assumed a heightened dimension last week, leading to the resignation of President Jacob Zumah on Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

Before his resignation was the announcement of the passing of Zimbabwe’s longest serving opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

Morgan Tsvangirai, will be full of smiles when he took his last breath, knowing that, the person, he fought all his life to see out of office, Robert Mugabe, was ousted before going the way of all mortals.

Africa will remember him, as a man, who fought a pan-Africanist, a man who those of us staying outside Zimbabwe, as staying true to the course of our founding fathers. Robert Mugabe, was among the few African leaders, who could stand up to the whites and tell them in the face to leave the continent alone

Jacob Zumah’s problems started when his political party the African National Congress (ANC), elected his vice-president Cyril Ramaphosa, after a vote of no confidence was passed on him.

Reason prevailed after many attempts, including court actions to get him out failed. The ANC, a political party that made him, asked him to step aside and although painful, he obliged.

The question on the lips of discerning political observers as events unfold in South Africa is after the resignation, what is next for Jacob Zumah?

Will he be back in court, as many people, were just waiting for the day, he ceases to be president, to exact their pound of flesh.

In Ghana, we had barely finished wiping the tears on the sudden death of Ebony, in a ghastly road accident, when that of the ace comedian, who brought laughter and joy to many homes, Super OD, also went the way of mortals.

Before we could come to terms with Super OD’s death, an industrialist, politician, statesman, Appiah Menkah, also passed on to eternal glory.

As the nation mourns the passing away of these remarkable individuals, we are consoled that their legacy of uncommon commitment to the ideals of how they touched us, will endure and well be a reference point for many years to come.



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